The Three Happinesses — Money, Power, and Sex — and Religions Try to Take Them Away

Back when I was in college and comparing world religions, I might have dallied with Tantric Buddhism for a while. I liked that Tantra held sex to be a spiritual good. But then I found that it too wanted people to give up attachments.

Hell, I had not yet experienced two of the happinesses and wanted more of the third.

What is it with the old farts who make and/or preach religions?

Do they want young folks to not enjoy life?

Or do they want life’s happinesses for themselves, and turn to alcohol when they fail?

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C'mon, Tom, really?  CONTROL – if organized religion is about anything, it's about the manipulation of its adherents, and what better way to gain that advantage then by grabbing their sheep by the short hairs?  Also, since backsliding with primary urges such as sex is an almost guaranteed automatic, they get to provide their sinners with their own approved form of atonement, further establishing their position of authority.

Regardless of what kind of religion, it's still the shepherds-and-sheep model, and the sheep are still on the short end of it.

Yes, really.

The controllers, the manipulators, the shepherds, the short hair grabbers, have the power.

The controlled, the manipulated, the sheep, those with their short hairs grabbed, don’t.

Metaphors abound.

Your title intrigued me. It looks like an abusive relationship. Control the Money and sex and assert the power over the other person. Religion does its best to do all of this.




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