The Times They Are A-Changin’…Again

"But for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. It happened after Reconstruction, which led to the birth of the KKK, Dred Scott, and segregation. The Civil Rights Era turned the Solid South from blue dogs to a sea of red. You can draw a line from the Civil Rights Act to the long-stirred race baiting leading to the rise of Donald Trump. The 60s countercultural movement and Vietnam War protests gave us Nixon and the 'silent majority.'”


"Each generation has grown progressively progressive…and secular too. My demographic group, Gen X, is categorized by the 2014 Pew Religious Landscape study as 23% “nones.” Older millennials were 34% nones, while their younger cohort was 36%. Not only that, but nones are becoming increasingly secular. And that survey was conducted two years ago."

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I'm a none and I don't have none, don't want none, and won't become none either. My religious friends think I just need a good dose of god. Sorry boys, that's how I became a none.

Surprisingly, I saw a girl I went to school with yesterday and we talked some. She informs me that religion with its gods and demons is real and that realm is all 3 feet from the surface of the earth. Someday that door will just open and we will all be in wonder. Well, I don't want none. Wait until I tell her about the unicorns that live in my shoes. OK, take the phrase "uni" out of there.


What Matthew Shultz said still stands: people are allowed to believe in unicorns in their shoes, but the day someone starts involving the unicorns in government decisions, I have a big problem with that.




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