Below are the top 5 submissions for the new Atheist Nexus logo. It was not easy to limit the choices. I sincerely thank those of you who helped make the selections.

I think it is important to note that many of the logos that were not chosen, established styles that a few of the finalists built upon. This was definitely a group effort.

Also, keep in mind, you are not necessarily voting for the final color scheme or background color. After the final one is chosen, we will invite several of the artists to tweak the design.

Please review and pick your favorite. There is a poll box at the bottom of the pictures.

Entry 1:

This one was liked for its simplicity and nice font choice.

Entry 2:

This one was chosen for the colors and the box logo.

Entry 3:

This one is simple and neat. People also liked the emphasis on "The Nexus."

Entry 4:

simple and sleek.

Entry 5:

This one was really liked. The "X" being done as an atom is a nice touch. It is widely known that the atom is the universal symbol for atheism.

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def no. 5, black background (without stars!)
black background, green text. it would be like a combination of dark and bright. Red is a bit more evil in looks.
entry 1 should've been my 1st choice, but i replaced it with 2. Entry 1 kinda gets me confused with word press.
I would really want to see some versions of these entries with transparent background.
I can animate the logo in flash.
Wow, these ARE nice logos!!
The competition for the logo is closed. Votes are being taken on the first page of this post. I expect that Richard will announce the winner soon.
I like No.5 best too, followed by No.2. The only quibble I have is using a different colour for the US, this makes it look too much like US as in America and might give the impression it's just an American organisation & not worldwide.But as no one else seems to have picked up on this, maybe I'm just nit picking :-)
Nah, I see it as "Atheists is US"!
Interesting, yes. It could create a sense that atheists have an, "us and them" attitude, or worship self, etc... We should think about these possible perceptions of the logo carefully.
Huge props to all who submitted. It was a tough choice.
I use to like the simplicity in logos, but in thi case i thin is very important to see an element related as the atom. Just maybe a little retouch to maked more solid, i mean in order to be visible in a miniature for example or or to be recognised at a first sight... One more time... EXCUSE MY ENGLISH.. im from Venezuela



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