Below are the top 5 submissions for the new Atheist Nexus logo. It was not easy to limit the choices. I sincerely thank those of you who helped make the selections.

I think it is important to note that many of the logos that were not chosen, established styles that a few of the finalists built upon. This was definitely a group effort.

Also, keep in mind, you are not necessarily voting for the final color scheme or background color. After the final one is chosen, we will invite several of the artists to tweak the design.

Please review and pick your favorite. There is a poll box at the bottom of the pictures.

Entry 1:

This one was liked for its simplicity and nice font choice.

Entry 2:

This one was chosen for the colors and the box logo.

Entry 3:

This one is simple and neat. People also liked the emphasis on "The Nexus."

Entry 4:

simple and sleek.

Entry 5:

This one was really liked. The "X" being done as an atom is a nice touch. It is widely known that the atom is the universal symbol for atheism.

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I would like #5 to have the earthtone colors of #2, OR more of a galaxy & stars background for the website

Sorry for my confusing wording - I didn't mean for the entire website background, I meant only

for the logo which would be used on the website. For printed materials, the stars might not display so graphically clear as online. As for "distracting, here is the logo with a starry night background. Does it really look so distracting?
This is REALLY good, with the 'space' background.
I love #5, preferably the one on the left hand that has a black background.
#5, black background.
I did mean only the logo. And, we atheists ain't yellow, we're Green - Springtime Green (nice metaphor, no?)

I wouldn't want to see a galaxy background. Yes, atheism is about science, but not science fiction. Atheism is about celebrating life here on earth, not looking to the 'heavens' for an afterlife. From a practical viewpoint, while a black background looks great on the computer, Nexus is likely, in the future, to need 'real life' stationery - business cards, letterhead etc. and it would be hard to incorporate the 'galaxy' background on these. We're planning a submission to the Australian government on behalf of Atheist Nexus' Aussie members and I'd be embarrassed to send such an official document with a 'galaxy' logo on it. I think it would make us look like a heap of Trekkies! On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to putting our new logo on the front page. Let's stick with a plain background puhleeeeze!
Thank you so much, Kristy, for your singular perspective and amazing stretch of imagination. It had never occurred to me that too many people (never mind Atheists) would associate a starry night or a terrestrial-view of our galaxy with "science fiction" and "looking to the 'heavens' for an afterlife"! Of course, "Atheism is about celebrating life here on earth" - so, naturally, we should forget the fact that everything we know and hold dear to our hearts (according to Carl Sagan, among others) is made of "star-stuff", lest we Atheists "look like a heap of Trekkies!" Holy moley! We simply can't allow that to happen when so many of us are naturalistic and scientific in our world view.

However, there IS something you overlooked - the logo has another white version (without stars) that could obviously be used for "'real life' stationery", so that's one objection you can eliminate.

BTW, I'm a Naturalist and a Bright who was raised as a Catholic. I understand perfectly the knee-jerk reactions people might experience when confronted by imagery they mentally associate with a former religious life. But the only association I have ever had with the night sky and images of the Cosmos was far-removed from the dogma that was pounded into my psyche; I associated the stars with being comfortably at "home", and sheltered by dear old Mother Earth. Also, the galaxy represents a future territory for human survival when our sun begins to die. Is that too "Trekkie" an idea for pragmatic terrestrials?
I agee Kristy
It appears that sarcasm escapes the comprehension of most people...
OR, there is a serious time lag between emailed posts...




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