Below are the top 5 submissions for the new Atheist Nexus logo. It was not easy to limit the choices. I sincerely thank those of you who helped make the selections.

I think it is important to note that many of the logos that were not chosen, established styles that a few of the finalists built upon. This was definitely a group effort.

Also, keep in mind, you are not necessarily voting for the final color scheme or background color. After the final one is chosen, we will invite several of the artists to tweak the design.

Please review and pick your favorite. There is a poll box at the bottom of the pictures.

Entry 1:

This one was liked for its simplicity and nice font choice.

Entry 2:

This one was chosen for the colors and the box logo.

Entry 3:

This one is simple and neat. People also liked the emphasis on "The Nexus."

Entry 4:

simple and sleek.

Entry 5:

This one was really liked. The "X" being done as an atom is a nice touch. It is widely known that the atom is the universal symbol for atheism.

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Maybe focusing in the Atom X in order to have a fast and easy lecture for those who dont have anything about atheism. Just details to make more efective that great Entry 5 idea
I agree with Joshua about making the X more recognizable as an atom, especially after inevitable reductions, etc. Perhaps a little tweaking to connect the fading back lines a bit more, but not to the point of distraction from the prominence of the X in nexus...
I like the fact that the 'x' in no. 5 has a triple symbolism.

1. As a symbol for an atom.
2. As a 'meeting' or 'nexus' point.
3. With the curve of the 'x' it appears that it is circling a globe - which is exactly what Atheist Nexus is doing.

I would not like to see any of these three implicit meanings highlighted at the expense of one of the others. This is the strength of this logo.
I like number has nice earth tones and it gives off a scholastic kinda vibe representing that we're all educated people..
Agreed, Josh. I'm still with the second choice. Five feels cartoonish.
No. 5 with earth tone colors - dk. green background or black background:

Still reminds me of something like a symbol for a club of physicists or a group of sci-fi enthusiasts. I don't get the connection to atheism. And yes I'm aware of the symbol employed by the group American Atheists. It's based on an outdated atomic model. Are we looking forward to an increasingly illuminated future or clinging to the stereotypes of the past?
Earth tones (for Mother Nature) WITH a bright, illuminated ATOMIC future! Thanks, Marco, for your brilliant "atomic X" design -

This is neither one thing or the other. The colours are muddy and the addition of the sphere at the back is unnecessary and undermines the simple beauty of the original. I'm sorry, I just wish everyone would leave any changes to what seems to be the most popular logo to the designer - or accept the already perfectly good original.
Kristy -
You are, of course, entitled to your very subjective opinions (as we all are). You, yourself, said: "With the curve of the 'x' it appears that it is circling a globe ...". But there was, in fact, just an empty space within the curves of the 'x' - perhaps to be filled in by your very own clever imagination?
The colors are not "muddy" at all, they are the exact same colors used by the wonderful graphic designer who created logo #2, which illicited many favorable votes because of its natural earthtone colors! The "illuminated sphere", which you think is unnecessary, is necessary - precisely for the dramatic impact it may have on our human imagination which can represent a number of things, among them being: the 'big bang', the nucleus of the atom, the "light" of knowledge, the hottest point of visible energy, the radiance of one's suddenly clear understanding of what was once incomprehensible, the light of the sun seen through a dark and gloomy sky - all kinds of positive, evocative joy that can naturally replace the phoney dogma of imaginary deities.

Why do you try to stifle other people's creative input? Is your evaluation, based upon your many years of "marketing" experience, provably superior to the skills of others who spent many years working as artists in the advertising industry? I happen to think not, please forgive me for the heresy.

The last word goes to the originator of logo # 5 - marcoder.
LOL! Actually the last word goes to the Administrator of the site, Brother Richard. ;-)

And Pax, it's a rather fundamentalist idea that you can criticize someone's artistic work, but nobody should criticize you lest it stifles your 'creative input'!

Thanks for giving me my morning giggle.
I haven't criticized anyone's artistic work, so what, specifically, are you talking about? And, if Brother Richard should just happen to like my creative ideas but the artist, marcoder, does not, Brother Richard cannot have "the last word" or mandate any changes to marcoder's work. Now, why is that too difficult for you to understand?

And, Kristy Vensson, I don't remember ever giving you the personal privilege of addressing me with a 'nickname' ; I am as familiar as you are with the adage, "Familiarity breeds contempt", so please cease with such familiarity.

Thanks, but NO THANKS, please stop with your needless aggravation.





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