Keep in mind that Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot didn't commit their crimes against humanity by themselves. They had lots and lots of help from lots and lots of people every bit as evil as they were. 

If there is a god he/she/it sucks because he/she/it knowingly created a whole lot of evil people who are simply no damn good. Man knew what to do with undesirable canines... man culled the species.


As you may know the worst of humanity in the US live in the red state and more specifically the Bible Belt where hate, immorality, hypocrisy and ignorance abound. My every metric, the Bible belt is the "sin belt". This is true of other red states. 

The treaty of Versailles was a huge mistake. All it did was make the already rabid Germans even worse. Eisenhower and the allies figured this out because at the end of WW-2 Nazis at every level were killed. Today Germany has a strong peacetime economy and will probably never present a threat to mankind. 

The fascist problem in the US in IMO far worse than what the world faced from Germany in the 30's and 40's and the fascists in the US have nothing to bitch about other than their own sloth, gluttony, ignorance and incompetence. The Germans had some justification for being pissed off.

See the source image

There are some naive folks of the liberal persuasion who will spout the hypocritical cliche, "It will make you no different than them". To that I call bullshit. We are different than them. We are better than them. We all know what happens when we ignore bullies... bullies ramp up their bullying. 

This Article Goes In To The Depravity Of Trump Supporters 


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Joan i aint buying what you are selling either. There is no denying the influence of nurture. In ascribing the greater influence between nature and nurture it is a very difficult task to say the least. But lets not give 100 percent to nurture. 

When we examine various historical eras with their wanton cruelty and degradation it is easy to excuse the wrongdoers by looking at the era and the prevalent mores. But lest we forget we see opposition from some. There were abolitionists who were aghast at the practice of slavery. There were Germans who hid Jews during Nazi Germany. etc.. If environmental influences are destiny then why are there such stark exceptions to the cultural practices? 

In the microcosm there are children and young adults who will not capitulate to peer pressure. Lets consider a shy and withdrawn child or adult who is being bullied and humiliated.  Some will stand up for the victim of bullying and protect that child or young adult while the majority watches or participates. Why?

You want to say we are all the same? We should not judge individuals? 

Some people are by nature no damn good and it really is that simple. 

The Catholics have a concept venial an mortal sins. A mortal sin basically is knowing some was wrong and doing it anyway. That certainly is a moral concept that what the Baptists and other holy rollers have embraced. In their arrogance they think they are "Saved"  and therefore can do no wrong. If there is a god, their god is pure evil. 

In order for humanity to survive we need to punish liar far more severely than people who commit victimless crimes and morality would dictate that we protect good people from bad people.

Republican Party Declares Moral Bankruptcy | The New Yorker

The Nature vs Nurture debate could be settled with science. 

I am not as emphatic in my denunciation but I partially agree some people are no Damn good. Certainly psychopaths are born that way. Sociopaths appear to be made. But I think there is a great deal of plasticity and that a bad person in one scenario may be neutral in another. Humans are so easily led that no religion is so preposterous that followers will just turn ideology so brutal and bloody that followers will just turn away. I also believe that a minority of us will think for ourselves and reject religion, ideology and doctrinaire thinking.

I also think that some of the attribution of causation ought to be on humans who create certain environments and in part reflect the mature of the humans who comprise culture.

Science is working on nature nurture. Howver the two factors are inextricably linked and it truly is a morass.

Oh dear, I misrepresented my thinking. I do think we should be discerning about individuals. I also think the environment in which we are born plays a powerful role in the development of individual character. Yes, there are those who can separate themselves from the prevailing value system and act upon their own sets of morals. We see that all around us. An individual, born into a narcissistic environment with attributes of the inability to empathize with others, who feel they are entitled to the goods and services of others without regard for the consequences of their actions, who are selfish in their relationships, envious and paranoid of other's motivations, who need excessive praise and attention, and who are arrogant and judgmental in attitude, can exist with the opposite characteristics. We also see those born into loving, caring families acting as a tyrant even into adulthood.  

We must be discerning of individuals and family systems. If we act on stereotypes we may lose valuable information and make poor decisions. 

Let us stay within the bounds of this topic, "The Total Depravity Of Trump Supporters." Are all of Trump supporters depraved? 

Are some of his supporters overwhelmed by the realities of today's economics? They work hard, pay their bills on time, live within their means, discover their standard of living is declining and they are not able to live the quality of lives their parents lived, and seek a savior to redeem them? Are they trying to find a scapegoat to blame for their loss of standard of living and look in the wrong places for remedies?

Instead of depravity, could they be lost, confused, mislead, manipulated, exploited, and used by Trump as he works his machinations on uninformed people? His propaganda uses the techniques of a conman!  A snake-oil salesman!

Are they depraved supporters, or is it a depraved individual exploiting the pain of people in pain? 

yay ! Top Secret

#MAGAts keep losing

#MAGAts is a cult, do not engage. they are impervious to facts or reason.

also note how crazy the left has gone.

Best to Reject Identity Politics RIP

and tell any zealot to piss off

Make America Great Again! As if America ever lived up to its ideal of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The call to make America great again exists as a call from those who do not know U.S. history they believe there was a Golden Age of America. They fail to realize that America is:
El Salvador
Costa Rica
The Bahamas
Dominican Republic
Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago

They also believe that "America is the land of the free and the home of the brave."

"America" is not a democracy and never was intended to be one. It is a republic.

The metrics of decline: 

* U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership reduced U.S. leverage in the Asia-Pacific.

* U.S. isolation compounded by trade tensions with European Union, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. (

* U.S. gross domestic product will be overtaken by China's by 2032. (forecast)

* U.S. child poverty levels are worse than any developed country anywhere, even Greece, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia. (

* U.S. median adult wealth ($39,000) is 27th globally, behind Cyprus, Taiwan, and Ireland. (

* U.S. ranks #12 in "life satisfaction" behind Israel, Sweden, and Australia. (

* U.S. ranks 16th out of 23 countries in education and skills. (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,)

* U.S. ranks 16th out of 23 in adult literacy and 21 out of 23 in 21st in adult numeracy , and 14th in problem-solving)

* U.S. ranks 16th out of 34 countries in internet speed and access. 

* U.S. ranks 33rd out of 145 countries in Health.

* U.S. ranks 36th out of 162 countries in people living below the poverty line, behind Morocco and Albania. 

* U.S. ranks 34th out of 35 countries surveyed in children living below the poverty line. 

* U.S. ranks fourth highest inequality in the world in income inequality, with Chile, Mexico, Turkey, and the U.S. 

* U.S. ranks first out of 224 countries in prison populations. 

* U.S. ranks 17th out of 36 countries in Life satisfaction. 

* U.S. ranks 17th out of 175 countries in corruption.

* U.S. ranks 20th out of 178 countries in stability. 

* U.S. ranks 16th out of 133 countries in social progress index. 

* U.S. ranks below Ireland, the U.K., Iceland, and Canada in measures of social well-being, that include economic indicators of clean water, air, access to advanced education, access to basic knowledge, and safety. 

~ 12 signs America is on the decline. Fortune, By Jill Hamburg Coplan, 

July 20, 2015

Ideology plays a role but I would place the decline of America mostly on corporatism. 

I agree, Chuck, when corporations became persons, the shift took a sharp shift. 

When you look and the death, injury and theft the biggest killer and thief is the medical industrial complex. Health care is nearly 20% of the US GDP.  Theft and fraud the American medical industry is 50%. The White Coat Mafia is the biggest killer and thief of all time. The exploitation of human suffering for obscene profit is as evil as Hitler and Stalin. 

Robespierre would have a field day with America's corporate gangsters. His guillotines would be going non stop.

I do agree on the total depravity of Trump supporters. I think it is all idiocy. As I talk to people I find so many that claim it is OK that Trump knows nothing of politics because that was the type of man they wanted. Everyone was tired of "business as usual." Someone remind me to have an unknown totally homeless man to build me a house. I'm so sure he would do a good job and also save me money.

Then there are my work friends and one man saying he supports Trump because Trump does it his way and will not listen to anyone. My fellow worker thinks this is simply hilarious. He is an older man with no fears of Trump in any way. I'm a bit different. I think we should have fear of Trump. He has no idea of what he is doing and he understands very little.

It is a scary time to be alive, even as there are no dull moments.

How are you doing? In good health, I hope, and content with your life?


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