Keep in mind that Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot didn't commit their crimes against humanity by themselves. They had lots and lots of help from lots and lots of people every bit as evil as they were. 

If there is a god he/she/it sucks because he/she/it knowingly created a whole lot of evil people who are simply no damn good. Man knew what to do with undesirable canines... man culled the species.


As you may know the worst of humanity in the US live in the red state and more specifically the Bible Belt where hate, immorality, hypocrisy and ignorance abound. My every metric, the Bible belt is the "sin belt". This is true of other red states. 

The treaty of Versailles was a huge mistake. All it did was make the already rabid Germans even worse. Eisenhower and the allies figured this out because at the end of WW-2 Nazis at every level were killed. Today Germany has a strong peacetime economy and will probably never present a threat to mankind. 

The fascist problem in the US in IMO far worse than what the world faced from Germany in the 30's and 40's and the fascists in the US have nothing to bitch about other than their own sloth, gluttony, ignorance and incompetence. The Germans had some justification for being pissed off.

See the source image

There are some naive folks of the liberal persuasion who will spout the hypocritical cliche, "It will make you no different than them". To that I call bullshit. We are different than them. We are better than them. We all know what happens when we ignore bullies... bullies ramp up their bullying. 

This Article Goes In To The Depravity Of Trump Supporters 


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Trump is a symptom but the depravity will remain and I don't think the depravity is only about culture. Maybe it's the chicken or the egg thing but I think depraved people create depraved cultures.

My live is good but I worry about the world my kids are inheriting. 

I expect my 7th great-grandchild's birth next month and I fear for all of them. My goal has been to attempt to prepare them for a life of many challenges. My grandchildren think they have life under control; little knowing that working class people have been falling farther behind each year. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, has already perished. 

Teach them about egalitarianism, honor, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. 

I think we can restore our democratic republic. I would welcome a military coup at this point and now that Trump crapped all over James Mad Dog Mattis and betrayed our allies for Russia and Turkey you can bet the the Joint Chiefs of Staff are thinking about it. Hopefully, they were finish the Civil War and make the South a moral and respectable place by taking out the trash.

It sounds like your "friend" is dangerously and blissfully ignorant.

If you want to get into corporatism a great crime against the American people was when Citizens United came along and corporations donating large sums of money became "free speech." Taking to literally it means that my hundred dollars speaks more loudly than your twenty dollars. This has nothing at all to do with free speech.

Criminal corporations are sovereign citizens in that they are above the law while the rest of us are peasants.

Criminal corporations may think of us as peasants, however, if we think of ourselves as not peasants, we may stand up and disabuse them of that thought. We don't have to lop off heads, but we can resist! Civil disobedience is not only an option, but it may also be our only one. 

Pick one criminal corporation, make a group decision to disobey, boycott, picket, form coalitions with others who may agree with our idea, file lawsuits, arouse public opinion, and give it all we have. See if we can put an end to criminal behavior for that one organization.

We could start with global warming. There are many criminal corporations and governments of the international, national, state, city & towns kind. 

Or, what about student loans; they cannot file bankruptcy and they have a debt that may or may not prepare them for a full-time paying job with benefits. 

Or, begin with health care costs, including pharmaceuticals. It seems as though those who have money want those who have little opportunity and poor prospects to die off. Killing the poor is not a new strategy and it should be the last one that occurs. 


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