Frighteningly, the Dominionists do all they can to hurry sundown, which explains their fondness for Israelis despite many decades of holding them in anti-Semitic contempt. Their Dominion is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as is their ludicrous Rup--, I mean Rapture. Occultists have known since Robert Graves wrote "The White Goddess" that John of Patmos was not writing of a once and future world like ours, but simply sending coded messages ("isopsepia") to Christians in far-off lands. Interruption of the message if written in, say, Koine Greek, much less Latin, could have disastrous consequences. In this case, the Great Beast whose number is 666 actually was Nero. By the primitive Enigma Machine, the number 666 had correspondence to The Great Beast, or To Mega Therion, which in turn had correspondence to Nero Caesar. No wonder the sharp-witted Aleister Crowley took as his "magick" name, The Great Beast. He was in on the joke.

Above, the Rev. John Hagee, explaining the expansive joy of an atomic bomb.  (One wag said he was demonstrating a porno he'd seen.)

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Self-fulfilling prophecy isn't real prophecy anyway. I can predict that I will be successful in the future and then work my butt of to make it happen. Did my 'prophecy' come true?

These Dominionists sound like the worst to me, the literalists that take every nuance of Scripture word for word.


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