Der Spiegel posts a fascinating interview with former Catholic theologian David Berger:

"Ever since Pope Benedict XVI, at the latest, you have to be anti-modern to have a career in the Catholic Church. [...] That is how people noticed me. Because I was an expert on the medieval thinker Thomas Aquinas, I was invited by almost all right-wing conservative groups to give lectures. I was in touch with the Sedevacantists, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, the Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, Una Voce, Opus Dei and the Servants of Jesus and Mary."

SPIEGEL: What went on at the meetings?

Berger: "These groups are very careful about who they invite. They meet in very high-class venues, sometimes in former aristocratic residences or in luxury hotels. Old men smoke fat cigars, drink expensive red wine and eat well. It is a parallel world whose inhabitants seek to defy the modern world."

SPIEGEL: And what do they discuss?

Berger: "They talk about a supposed Jewish global conspiracy or about how to keep emancipators, freemasons and gays out of the church. For many years, there were "gentlemen's evenings" in Düsseldorf that were organized by a tax consultant. They increasingly became a focal point for a right-wing Catholic network. At one of the meetings, which were regularly visited by senior clerics, the man sitting next to me, a retired university professor, was railing against the gay parades on Christopher Street Day (in Germany): "Instead of standing in a corner, being ashamed of themselves and just shutting up, they behave like pigs gone wild."


SPIEGEL: Did you feel this pressure yourself?

Berger: "I published the magazine Theological Issues and was summoned by the sponsors every time a faintly liberal view was espoused. Opus Dei people were always there to observe. They said I wasn't allowed to write "life partner;" it should instead be referred to as "fornication partner." "Homosexuality" was too neutral, they said. One had to refer to it as "unnatural fornication."

Read the article, it can contains other choice observations that are worth reading. 

I just want to reflect on the naked bigotry and hatred on the catholic conservatives. Is anyone it the least bit surprised?  Whatever sinister rumours and gruesome caricatures we sometimes paint are outdone by the reality of these hideous "holy" hypocrites.

When will rid ourselves of these troublesome priests?

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The anti-gay stuff certainly doesn't surprise (how could it?  We are talking about the Catholic Church ...).  It is interesting (disturbing?) that he encountered alot of other gays in the Church and that they would walk around calling each other "bunny" and other cute names.


It also worries me that anyone in the Church still believes the 'Jewish Conspiracy'.


The Catholic Church is just continuing its long decline.  It will be irrelevant within decades.  Sadly I wonder if rationality will replace it or US-style extremism.

I thought it was interesting how he a gay man joined in...
One needs to think about the credibility of Berger I want to believe him, but all we have is his word.

Indeed that would be my number 1 concern.


A quick google, and I find a press report from Germany of him loosing his job after he came out as gay.

and this is a book I found by a David Berger on the subject of Thomas Aquinas (his alleged speciality) though whether it is the same theologian I do not know.


I can't swear to it, but as to him being a theologian of note and that he did openly criticise the church after he came out, as best as I can do with this cursory survey, I'd say tentatively those facts are borne out but the sceptical caution is well placed.


Is there a web-resource where you can check someone's credentials for a story like this?  I don't know.





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