A while back, I was engaged in heated on-line conversation with a theist who was gloating about his unique form of religious belief .... ridiculous, but unique.  This guy was against churches and group worship, but called himself a Christian and fervently praised the virtues of Jesus.  Most notably, he claimed that the entire bible could be disregarded with the exception of MMLJ, because those are about Jesus and Jesus is all about love.


I responded that his opinion is the equivalent of declaring Schindler's List a lovely movie, if you just cut out the parts where Jews are being spit on, raped, tortured and murdered.  Anyone else ever run into such a glaring bastardization of Christianity?  I mean, what is the point of calling yourself a Christian when you so willingly wave off the vast majority of the doctrine?  Can't you just be a good person for the sake of being a good person?

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Ask a devout Jew to eat a cheeseburger with a shrimp cocktail appetizer, and see the shocked look you get. Yet, that same devout Jew wouldn't dream of stoning his daughter to death if she weren't a virgin on her wedding night, or killing his wife if she wears a garment woven of two different cloths.

Better yet, ask Newt Gingrich for his opinion on gays, and when he is done berating them with a spittle soaked biblical diatribe, ask him for his opinion on divorce.


Or better yet, cheating on your wife before you divorce her.

... while she is on her death bed.

It's pretty amusing, actually.  I was at a Jewish house back in November where they offered traditional Jewish prayers over the Friday night meal, then brought out an entree made of shrimp. :)

That is hilarious!  The pinnacle of warped mysticism.




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