The title or name ‘God’ and its many equivalents in diverse religions and cultures, is owned by no one. Literally. Nor is it the property of any corporation or church, though it is perhaps the most powerful 'logo' for the collection of gigantic wealth.

The use of the 'divine' name or names would make a sujject for diverse investigations, from the sociological and anthropological to economy and psychology. Discussion invited. See my brief introductory article here (

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god inc. llc. corp. usa. whatever form.
not that it's 'sellable' it's a built-in insurance-con-nection-cover for a business to use that label
that people will pay extra? Depends on their location in the world?
cake of the cosmos jesus on top like sugar coating?

wait, ah, the ethnicity catch; which god do you want, what flavor? I get it.
do you? no labels no lies.
I've been meaning to write a similar "God, Inc." kind of post but I'm having trouble finding data on what percentage of GDP goes towards religion-based businesses. If we want God Inc. to go out of business, what will all the people whose income depends on religion do? Should we care?

In some way the whole thing is self-perpetuating by employers who are dependent on it for a living. Without "Faith", they would have to get a real job.
I want to invest in churches.

Seems like a good investment to me. If we can't get rid of them, why not reap some of their profits?

There must be a way to profit off of these fairy-tale worshippers.

... but how?
They'll take your money, but the dividends are only paid out in worthless prayers.
UNLESS you're into BINGO!
You just need to be willing to dupe the ignorant and vulnerable. I'm not.





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