The economy in the United States is in a collapse.  The Capitalist system does not work anymore; banks have become more powerful than our politicians.  The government now has a policy based around Fear and Greed.  The rich are getting
richer and more powerful, while the great masses of America wallow in poverty.

Must we continue to exist in this passive state, only living to serve the rich and powerful?  Or do we, the great masses, stand up against the policies of Fear, and Greed, and
God?  We must break the bonds that
separate us, we must pull down the centers of Greed and Fear and we must pull
down the houses of God.  

These borders are created to separate us into individuals where we can be controlled easier.

We must stand up, against the tyranny of the centers of Greed, and Fear, and God; quoting John Adams: “People should not fear government, government should fear people.” 
Once we stand up to Fear, to Greed, to God, we will become united!

This being said, I advocate the collapse of the Capitalist system and the foundation of the United Socialist Federal Republic, in which the government will exist to serve the people. 
Capitalism is Dead.  We must put
it out of it’s misery and move on toward Socialism. (to view the 19 pages of discussion)

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I'm not suggesting we move towards socialism in the slightest. Countries do best when primarily regulating business to prevent pollution and to insure the common good. I'm just suggesting that instead of allowing companies to exist beyond that imaginary threshold of "too large to fail" is idiotic. If their collapse could be a serious threat to the economy then split them up to minimize the impact if they were if they were to go bankrupt.
But you are still suggesting that large companies must be broken up into smaller ones, else their collapse could crash the entire market, correct?

I will still head toward socialism, though now I will need to do so, slower.
A miracle???????? They no longer have clean air to breath, our out-of-order electronics get dumped in China to be dismantled and burnt by downtrodden Chinese children, and what do we the West get in return? Their toxic food and cheap short-lived textiles and "craftsmanship". China is no more a financial miracle than Ireland is... It's not a miracle when wealth is taken from the masses and given to the elites.

Your opening line is just plain false...... Capitalism still works better than any other system i have seen.

Yes the US economy is in some trouble but it will come back.....

some of our current problems have actually been exacerbated by socialist attempts at fixing the economy.

if you think a socialist approach is so much better just look at Europe.

The rich may just keep getting richer in your mind but to reward people for anything other than hard work will not motivate.

this generations rich wont be next generations. the first generation makes the wealth and the next maintains and the 3rd loses it.

I see no examples of wealth consistently staying in any one family generation after generation in the capitalistic model.

Old money still exists in both the US and Europe.  I sincerely doubt the De Beers and the Rockefellers are condemned to the middle class by the third generation.  Nor the royalty in various nations face the ignominy of no longer being privileged without a political revolution.

Seriously?  The wealthier one is the easier it is to sustain said wealth over time.  I'm sure the Gates Foundation will disappear in a few years then, correct?  Or the nobel committee for that matter..


I don't understand what you are referencing when you say > if you think a socialist approach is so much better just look at Europe


Problem~ Capitalism as contained in the Free Market Principal is just as damaging to the people as Controlled Market Communism.  If you are talking about some other capitalistic model, please be specific because pure capitalism is what the US has been oscillating back and forth from for a century, and has lead to some of the most egregious violations of human rights, essentially indentured servitude to the lower socio-economic class via wage slavery.  Child labor laws also came from a revolt against the free market model, not to mention anti trust legislation.  the US is in its current troubles because of deregulation in the markets.


In short, your first and last statements tie this response together perfectly~

"Capitalism still works better than any other system i have seen; I see no examples of wealth consistently staying in any one family generation after generation in the capitalistic model."


Exactly... open your eyes.  thats an argument from ignorance.



It is easy to say that american capitalism is faulty but i see no better model that you say is working so much better.......

I stand by my statement LIFE IS Tough, you must reward work.  I don't care who the person is we need challenge. Handouts don't work.  The US unemployment checks are a classic example; the vast majority of people don't get gainful employment till the checks stop. this isn't because we are bad people its because we are human.

A better model is not based on any extreme, but a temperance to understanding the natures of the driving forces in society.  I see no validation in removing a safety net from under millions of people when a few people will game the system.  lets remove cars because some people are going to drink and drive, and dissallow sex because some people will be irresponsible and get ill or pregnant unintentionally.   The real point here is that understanding human nature, certain systems can be put in place that don't completely FUCK people while still holding the vast majority accountable.  And its strange, because the VAST majority of people find purpose in a job, and are much happier when employed than when unemployed~ so are you telling me that people enjoy being unhappy?


The simple matter is that the government is here to take care of people when in extraneous circumstances~ it can cut the money out from underneath people who have been unemployed too long, but it won't raise taxes on the wealthy, or find a reasonable way to stimulate jobs growth from the corporations that are sitting on literally billions of dollars they don't want to invest because of uncertainties in the market.


Business drives the lives of people, government controls business to make sure it doesn't abuse the people (because, by nature, it will) and the people control the government.

And let me clarify~ capitalism in concept has fundamental ideas that are beneficial to people~ but "capitalism" isn't the name of a system but a concept.  the system itself has to be fine tuned, because if you use "capitalism" and nothing else, only the very few people who are on top are going to be happy; the rest will be working poor in servitude.  the same is true with communism; they are relatively opposite ends of a spectrum, and neither extreme will ever lead to happiness.

Capitalism leaves capital in private ownership; this is what i speak of. yes it is the system the US works under for the most part.

Socialism  puts "the capital" if you will in the hands of the "whole" which in the US means the govt.

The US Govt is far too inefficient, private ownership is far better.

the majority of US wealth is in small private owners hands, not a few fat cats as many, including you try to say it is. Small Business drives the US economy.

The USA government is inefficient because USA corporations and land barons have made it that way. It has been a longstanding policy in the right wing ideology to keep the government weak, fumbling, moronic, in order that society place more glory onto private enterprise. The USA government is run by chemical companies such as Monsanto, petrochemical companies, military establishment and banking establishment. Most policies coming from government in the past few decades are the direct result of corporate reps placed in government to insure the PROTECTION of corporate interests. That is not true capitalism, that is fear based protectionism. Because the rich have always feared the poor, and with good cause, when you constantly shit on someone, they eventually fight back.

You are confusing unemployment with welfare, not the same thing.  besides that isn't even true of welfare.  i know people on welfare who are trying to get off welfare and some who have generations on welfare.  It isn't fair to paint them all with the same brush.


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