The United States of America, a Nation Whose Leaders Are So Corrupt that ...

(inspired in part by Ruth’s post on AOC showing in three minutes the corruption of American democracy plutocratic oligarchy, and in part by my own five-year-long venture into elective politics.) corrupt that a large majority of Americans have turned to hoping for happiness in an imagined future life, corrupt that most of America’s parents do not care that their children are being burdened by the debt these leaders are incurring, corrupt that from the nation’s founding, those who cause the economic recessions and depressions every 7 to 10 years are bailed out by taxpayers, corrupt that America’s people are the world’s most drug-addicted and use drugs to end their unhappy lives, corrupt that nationally and in 32 states, because voters lack the direct initiative, referendum and recall, we elect our predators, and

...(add below your own concern(s) related to America’s political corruption.)

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There is a word for the corruption of America.

It is an ideology adhered to by most of the Right, but also many on the Left.

It is "Neoliberalism", where the capitalist markets ( thus profit) overrules everything.

It is the ideology put forward by Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman and the Mises Institute. 
It is the ideology of Paul Ryan.
It is the fundamental basis of the Supply Side Economics or Trickle Down Economic Theory introduced by Ronald Reagan that has never worked.
But it called for deregulation which enabled corporations and powerful lobbying groups to shackle and thus control America's government.

AOC and Bernie Sanders know this and have the policies to reverse the damage done to America by Reagan and all presidents since, especially Trump who is plunging America further into neoliberal disaster.

Dawg, as Humpty Dumpty almost said, they who name, rule.

That neoliberalism is closer to neolibertarianism than to neoliberalism, so the Right rules.

Yup, neoliberalism has nothing to do with the freedom for the people that is liberalism.

(Yet conservatives -- actually conserving corporate and oligarchical wealthy white straight cis Christian able-bodied native-born English-speaking male privilege -- portray liberalism as tyrannical.)

Yes Tom,
Neoliberalism is a misnomer.
Though it is all about liberation, or liberation of the wealthy and corporations.
It revolves around their failed Trickle Down analogy, where they believe that economically if you give money to the wealthy and corporations it trickles down and lifts the poor out of poverty.
The same socially, in that they believe in giving absolute freedom to the wealthy and corporations ( removing regulations) also trickles down freedom to the poor or lower class.

It is all a product of failed errant thinking.
But it appeals to the wealthy and especially the whites in America.
Thus it is the ideology of the Republican party.
But some in the Democratic party also harbor such false concepts.

Economists like Thomas Sowell and Peter Schiff also push this BS. 
It comes from the false concept that capitalism is self-correcting.

Marx knew that capitalism is not self-correcting and leads eventually to extreme poverty and a people's ( proletariat) revolt, ending in either totalitarianism or communal ownership ( communism ). 

Capitalism is so often portrayed as fair exchange, the little girl with the lemonade stand type of childish straw-man scenario.
Right Wing groups like Prager University use this to convince young students that capitalism is the only solution to America's economic ills, and say it is unfair to regulate a little girl's lemonade stand.

But they forget that life and economics is far, far more complex than that straw-man fallacious model.

Fact is that even though monopolies are illegal, corporations introduce monopolies of markets and resources and then bribe and buy politicians, taking ownership of entire markets and governments as well.

America is a Corpocracy and it was voted in blindly by the naive citizens who know no better.
Starting with Reagan and continuing on with every president since, all hoodwinked into thinking capitalist solutions were the best, by the likes of Sowell and Friedman and the Mises Institute. 


That gave me a laugh!

(Of course, with jury nullification, a jury could simply refuse to convict for violating an unjust law.)

"We elect our predators." Well said.




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