I thought I would get your opinions before I write a blog article on this topic.

With a new election looming, if Obama wins again, do you think the republican party will start considering the inevitability, where by representing themselves with religious extremists, it will make them unelectable for the presidential office.

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but I could see this happening within a generation. They have already found that the majority of younger voters do not vote with the religious zeal of their counterparts, the republican party has already started to fight; blocking online voting systems because they feel it will result in too many younger, educated voters. And the Christian right has admitted that people are becoming less influenced by church doctrine.

Any thoughts?

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The current President is dangerously incompetent. His viewpoint is most consistent with neo-Marxism and its softer side, socialism. As an atheist I'd rather be free and surrounded by theists than have his utopian, messianic humanist views persist and eventually tell me they (his people) know better about every aspect of my life.

America was founded on anthropocentric humanist traditions which have proven best suited to governance.

He consistently seeks to obviate the Constitution and Congress by Executive Order and fiat. (See "We Can't Wait" strategy.) His foreign policy consistently sides with multi-lateralists who have little or no concern for the general welfare of the United States. Further, his military policy has changed little from the misguided aggressive adventurism of his predecessor.

His economic policies are most like FDR, which failed miserably until Lend-Lease manufacturing kicked in just prior to WW2.

I cannot forsee a way any theist would scare me more than he and his utopian academics do. Sure the theists might treat me with personal disdain, but they won't be forcing me to go along with collectivism.

As for FDR, laissez faire, á la Hoover, didn't do much for the depression either.  I'm not sure that there was much that could have been done.  At the very least, FDRs projects left us with a legacy of parks and cultural works that endure to this day, and fed a few out-of-work Americans in the process.


As for socialism in general, you can find plenty of examples of failed socialist states, but there are plenty of successful ones, too.

Name them.
I really disagree with you on that one with a numbers of issues.

But in all honesty, I'm not asking you to pick apart the current president, this has nothing to do with what I asked, so I would rather stay focused, so please don't high-jack the thread.

Sorry, I guess I should have said I completely disagree with your premise. As a lifelong conservative and atheist of 15 years, I see little or no chance of Christianity based sharia. My concerns are more rationally and historically based on government enforced "social responsibility" which is a nice way of saying, 'Do and say whatever I tell you or we'll send you to the re-education camps (sensitivity training), or ruin you financially (Gibson Guitars) or accuse you of being a sexual harrasser.' (see David Axlerod and Herman Cain, et. al.).

It was the government that accused them of sexual harassment?

David Axlerod works for Barack Obama and has been connected directly to 2 other political character assassinations on behalf of the President prior to his election to his current office.

No chance of christian-based shariah?  May I heartily suggest you bone up on the dominionist movement and the New Apostolic Reformation?  These guys are seriously interested in superimposing a christian theocracy on the United States, and they currently have such lights as Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin at least associated with their camps as it is, never mind the Koch brothers supplying funding on the QT.

Personally, I am far more concerned about that than any supposed government-superimposed political correctness (which I wouldn't adhere to, either!).

I can find a hundred nuts of any variety who believe in almost anything who'd like to impose their will on the world. That has no bearing on their ability to do so.

I'll make you a deal, I'll trade you the Koch brothers for Geoffrey Immelt & Geroge Soros and we can exorcise our opposing demons at sunrise as Robespierre might have.

Again, you don't like them and their religion, fine. I don't like utopian, elitist fools like OWS and Barack Obama because they have a Messianic viewpoint that has proven to be far more deadly to the human race and leads the head count by the millions.

Like I said, I don't really want to go into Obama as a topic, but I will say this, your republican party, they are not fiscally conservative. I know, because I live in both the united stated and canada,and we have a socially liberal parties that are fiscally conservative, and they function very differently.

The only thing that your republicans want to cut are based on their social beliefs and lobby groups, but they are happy to over fund military, they are happy to fund religious groups (given the chance), they would happily fund public militia groups should the opportunity occur.

We have conservatives in power in Canada, they don't cut education, they don't push for abortion to made illegal, and the idea of them serving up candidates that believe the universe is 6000 years old would be considered an embarrassment. It would be political suicide.

I'm not saying Obama is the best president ever, but he is better than what your republican party is offering. And I hate to tell you this, but if you look at the numbers, the last fiscally conservative president you guys had was Clinton. In Canada, we appreciated him so much, that the man is welcomed with cheers when he visits. He is regarded a brilliant accountant, because we're not as blinded by religious politics.

This is not me saying we have a perfect government in Canada, but we are less driven by fanaticism and far more focused on the issues.

A former governor and successful businessman is a clown?

A successful CEO and common sense conservative is a clown?

A three term governnor from the state which has produced the most private sector jobs since 2008 is a clown?

The former speaker of the house and originator of the fiscally conservative contract with America, and respected US history professor is a clown?



No, not a clown, but rather a religiose, anti-gay, christian dominionist, douche bag. All the canadates support a Very theocratic system of government which will result in an even great hording of wealth. Most, if not all, support the dismantling of the public educations system, a public health care options leaving only the rich with support, well the poor have been literally dumped to curb. All of them support a mandated prayer in school and in all honesty, I don't understand why anybody who would call themselves a free thinking atheist would support them.




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