I thought I would get your opinions before I write a blog article on this topic.

With a new election looming, if Obama wins again, do you think the republican party will start considering the inevitability, where by representing themselves with religious extremists, it will make them unelectable for the presidential office.

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but I could see this happening within a generation. They have already found that the majority of younger voters do not vote with the religious zeal of their counterparts, the republican party has already started to fight; blocking online voting systems because they feel it will result in too many younger, educated voters. And the Christian right has admitted that people are becoming less influenced by church doctrine.

Any thoughts?

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Learn to spell.

Learn to act like a human being and think before you speak. I still think you're just a religiose troll.
No, I think your a Christian because you support a christian run political party, and share 90% of the ideals that they otherwise push, while at the same time, troll with a mentality that smells almost like S.E. Cupp.

But that's not even why I'm unhappy with your posting. First you take a thread that was not about Obama, and before anybody can even begin to give their perspective on the topic at hand, you go on a intellectually dishonest tie raid on a different subject.

Fine, you don't like Obama, I'm not going to say he's perfect, and though, I think it's pretty stupid to think the republicans are offering anything even close to him, you have a right to support who ever you want, no matter how much that party would sell you down the river for simply being an atheist.

So I make a polite note; I ask you not to high jack the thread, the reason that request was short was because I didn't feel you had enough self control to withhold your rant. What I find later is you being snide to other people posting, and as a result, I have to spend time backing them up, and disputing you, rather than getting to subject at hand.

I truly did want to know peoples perspective on that view, and why, because unlike you, I don't find it very productive to remain stubborn to any ideologies, and if somebody had a valid point, I want to hear it. Because I would be concerned in a two party system, if one of those parties became unelectable. And before I put time into a blog post, I would like to note other view points, should they be rational.

And for the record, yes, I am younger than you. But I was born in England, raised in Canada, and work much of the year in the united states. In fact, I've worked in about 10 countries, which has allowed me to talk to more people and take on more perspectives than many people three times my age. And I know many of the people on this list, don't just value winning an argument, but also value putting in the time and dedication to make sure their views are accurate, views that you spit in the face of. They are atheist because of that dedication, even though the label has little or no benefited with conservatives.

Fine. You are a worldly genius. You win. Good luck.

I do hope you do. You see, I bought a rather large amount of popcorn for the upcoming election.

I have to agree with you 100% on that one.

Look up Cultural Revivalism.  When cultural behavior no longer makes sense there is a big Revival by trying to return to the past.  It was first seen when Regan got elected.  The myth that this is the greatest country ever and things like christianity, marriage, and returning to the constitution will bring us back to the glory we once had.  History is loaded with examples of this cutural failure and attempt to get a different result with the same old ideas.  As science and technology shows us that the was no garden of eden or a 40 cubit boat that save all the animals from the a world wide flood, the reasons why we do what we do and believe what we believe start to fall apart which generate a lot of fear, then anger then displace aggression.  So my theory is that we are seeing the beginning of the colapse of all of religion on earth.  The problem is if the religious fanatics don't kill everyone who don't think like them and we survive as nontheist, it will take a couple of hundred years to completely fall apart and everyone to figure out a cultural alternative to theism.  I guess the short answer is that I don't see it happing in a generation.  The use to teach accepting change in a cooporate culture and you can't imagine the aggression that I witnessed from the managers.  People don't like change and they will believe anybody who say you don't really have to change if you give me the power to stop change. "Read my lips, No new Taxes"  The people who are profiting from culture failure like gun manufactures, oil companies, or Televangelist will spend every penny to lobby against change.  Christians are less influenced by church doctrine because the never bother to read what the doctrine is.  It is easier to watch the movie.  That is how I wrote my senior high book report on Old Man and the See.  I watched the movie with Spencer Tracy.  Now you know just how old I am.  Think about the movies like the Greatest Story Ever Told, Ben Hur, Spartugus, the Passion, Christmas Carol, Its a Wonderful Life, etc.  This is chistians get there ideology in the past, now they get precise analysis  and justification from Fox news. 

whataya mean if... he's got the Bin Laden trophy which he does not even have to use... he.. I mean. face it. we. we the people. not we the god fearers nah mean?!


It all goes back to education.

stop lying; don't let folks fall for the spin bs pumped all day n night on radio/tv etc.
priorities have to change... no matter how hard or boring it gets. this can go on for a while..
I'd say check out the latest sick of it all LP; remakes wow great stuff; just noticed on itunes

'values' voters... ha. .. 'liberal arts' voters now that's something to behold.
e d u c a t i o n.

hats off to all those that put free skateparks in s.florida

hats off to all that never back down; hats off and three cheers to those that care to read and understand why some folks around the globe get exploited and turn on their; eat their own...



Hey Jeremy, Jim said we're comrades. That's pretty awesome.
I'm ok with that.

In all honesty, I feel kind of sorry for Jim, he's a bitter person, who I'm guessing that despite claiming to have left religion behind, still does not have the courage to reboot his beliefs depending on them.

See. I told you. You really are a mind reader. Now you can think for me too. Next I'll be sent to re-education camps your side likes so much.



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