How does A/N feel about the supposed war on christmas?  Is it legit, or are Atheists taking it too far?

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 I think such gestures will generate more heat than light,particularly this time of year.

This is the time of the year that a simple act of defiance gets the most coverage.  It makes the $20K go a lot further than it would in May.  That’s just good business.

I personally don't have a problem with christians celebrating their holiday. It just seriously irks me when they try to act like christmas is THEIR holiday.

I got into a debate recently with a christian when they negatively reacted to me returning their "merry christmas" with a "happy holidays".



Twenty years ago, no one would have thought anything of exchanging "happy holidays" for "merry christmas".  Our country is finally getting to step 2.


I guess I was a little obtuse there.  Before atheist started coming out in large numbers, Christians in the U.S. were very secure in their position of being the unchallenged majority.  "Happy holidays" was just another way of saying "merry christmas".  Now, after being publicly challenged in their beliefs, the church is seeing an unprecedented rate of erosion in their power base.  This loss of power is particularly visible during the christmas season due to some creative campaigning.

The easiest route is to engineer a deadly virus which is targeted at elf DNA.

There's a war on Christmas? As far as I've noticed damn near everyone celebrates the holiday. Just not all of us want to include the religious baggage the zealots want to associate with the winter solstice.

I guess its easier to see when your one on one with christians most of the time. I am constantly surrounded by them living in the bible belt, and this time of year they go crazier than usual.

I have had endless debates the past couple of weeks.

No, jesus was not born on december the 25th.

And yes, I have every right to remove the wise men from the mager scene, because it's not historically accurate.

Let's just do it. Honestly, ashes to the wind, let's just do it.


Whether or not we actually try to ruin everyone's Christmas we're going to catch shit for it. So let's just do it.

lol. Although it would be fun... Doesn't exactly send the whole "co-existing" message thru.

And I meant *manger scene.

A funny discussion... A guy was honestly arguing to me that jesus was actually born on the 25th of december. So I said it made perfect sense, because every president was born on presidents day. And every veteran died on november 11th.

Bring back Saturnalia? If so I'm down for 8 days off.


I'm amused on a yearly basis by the inevitable pissing contest over the "true meaning" of Christmas - clue, there isn't one.  The winter festivities are a stew of cultural myths that the Catholic Church stitched together to erase local mythology by twisting it to their brand of irrationality and control.  The festivities vary from culture to culture and region to region.  So, in the final analysis one can indulge in the season anyway they fucking please.



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