tis the season that Fox News pundits get to pretend to be very angry about the totally factual and scary War on Christmas.  i know this b/c i do on occasion watch some Fox News, and my mother and her husband most certainly watch a lot of Fox News and they are totally pissed off about how Christmas is under attack.  

now i, like most Atheists, find this ridiculous.  not that there aren't some silly stunts being pulled by secular folk in protest to certain things that mix Christmas and public land or schools. these things do happen every year, but they are really small potatoes in the big picture.  but the outrage that people like Bill O'Reilly are feigning are off the charts.  last night, his first two segments were dedicated to this so called war.  he had on the RI Governor whose great crime was to continue his predecessor's tradition of calling their Christmas tree a "Holiday" tree.  the horror!!

personally i see nothing wrong with calling it a Christmas tree.  that's what it is.  however, if a state or community or town want to be more inclusive to non-Christians then i don't see a problem with that either.  regardless, the furor over a semantic issue is so overblown.  there is no war on Christmas.  Americans celebrate an entire Christmas season.  it lasts a month, with lights, santa, parades, decorations, shopping, tv specials, etc.   to be in such an uproar is sheer Christian persecution syndrome.  they want to be persecuted.  

the so called war on Christmas is really nothing more than correcting Christian overreach.  they've gotten away with so many abuses when it comes to religion in public life.  now that secular groups like the FFRF, American Atheists, and the ACLU have seen their power increase due to an uptick in non-theists and secular progressives, many of their overreaches are being targeted.  and in most cases the seculars win.  these losses are their proof that there is a war on Christmas.  not so - it's a leveling of the playing field.  

the governor of RI summed it up nicely in his segment with O'Reilly. he said "you folks at Fox are just so angry".  tis the season!  ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

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Not a Yule tree here.. Start of Summer here in Australia so I am not going to celebrate winter solstice.

I do celebrate Christmas though. the festival of catching up with family and friends, eating too much and spoiling my kids. I think there's something on at the local churches at the same time too though.



There's an endless supply of easily manipulated viewers out here.

When BillO gets them, Fox Noise can raise its advertising rates and pay BillO more.

BillO needs to be honest. The war on Christmas is over. We won it last year.

They do always say the are being persecuted and there is a war against Xmas. I remember hearing on a radio show and the talk show host was saying they were boycotting stores that didn't say "Merry Christmas" but instead said "Happy Holidays".

You mean, like the Christian right-wing anti-gay darling, Chick-Fil-A? They were on Liberty Counsel's "Nice" list of Christmas promoters -- despite their "holiday", not "Christmas", offerings -- until being quietly scrubbed days ago.

I love that South Park video you posted Pat.

That. Was. Brilliant!

Thing is, I doubt Faux Noise could exist without bitching about something having to do with telling exceptionally outre christians to please keep it in their pants.  Without it, it's entirely possible that Roger Ailes' entire crew would suffer collective narcolepsy (gee, wouldn't it be nice if...).

ever wonder why the right can't make shows like Colbert, Stewart, or Maddow?  are they just not funny or clever?  or is it just lack of material?  


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