How does A/N feel about the supposed war on christmas?  Is it legit, or are Atheists taking it too far?

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Let's just do it. Honestly, ashes to the wind, let's just do it.


Whether or not we actually try to ruin everyone's Christmas we're going to catch shit for it. So let's just do it.

lol. Although it would be fun... Doesn't exactly send the whole "co-existing" message thru.

And I meant *manger scene.

A funny discussion... A guy was honestly arguing to me that jesus was actually born on the 25th of december. So I said it made perfect sense, because every president was born on presidents day. And every veteran died on november 11th.

not only that but why would sheep herders be out in the middle of winter? not to mention the bible says jesus was the cousin of john the baptist, 6 months younger than him, and john the baptist was born in march.

we should.  we should co-opt the holiday like they did in rome in the 400's.  payback's a bitch



lets make it the most awesome atheist holiday ever!

Bring back Saturnalia? If so I'm down for 8 days off.

We should.  could improvise some, but should make it awesome.  week of wreckless revellry and excess, living life to the fullest and whatnot~ no god to hold us down!


I'm amused on a yearly basis by the inevitable pissing contest over the "true meaning" of Christmas - clue, there isn't one.  The winter festivities are a stew of cultural myths that the Catholic Church stitched together to erase local mythology by twisting it to their brand of irrationality and control.  The festivities vary from culture to culture and region to region.  So, in the final analysis one can indulge in the season anyway they fucking please.


I actually spent about 4 hours today researching the ENTIRE history of christmas.


to sum it all up, american christmas means nothing.  its a quilt of different and conflicting rituals and traditions, none of which apply here.


the only constant thing about it is the fact that its commercial and benefits the wealthy, while placating the poor during the roughest part of the year.


(literally EVERYTHING~ I can answer almost any christmas question now)

One of my favorite connections to "Christmas" past is the story of the Siberian shamans and the hallucinogenic mushrooms.

I'm not familiar with the story, but I think I am with the mushroom..

there is a hallucinogenic mushroom in that corner of the world that is unique in its ability to remain toxic after it passes through the body~  what that means is that once one person uses it, they expel it through urine, which another person will drink and then get the same effects.  entire villages will use, pass, and then pass along their urine to share with other people.

The mushroom was the  the Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric, a powerful hallucinogen and very toxic (as in dead) if to much is ingested.  When the chemicals of the mushroom pass through the first person the urine still retains the hallucinogen but most of the toxicity is removed - one good piss could supply the whole village.

The mushroom is bright red and white and grows symbiotically with Fir and Spruce trees - and reindeer love it.

unique in its ability

Not really unique, the psilocybe mushroom also retains its hallucinogenic properties when expelled in the urine.

Brings a whole new meaning to going out and getting "pissed"


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