How does A/N feel about the supposed war on christmas?  Is it legit, or are Atheists taking it too far?

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One of my favorite connections to "Christmas" past is the story of the Siberian shamans and the hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The mushroom was the  the Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric, a powerful hallucinogen and very toxic (as in dead) if to much is ingested.  When the chemicals of the mushroom pass through the first person the urine still retains the hallucinogen but most of the toxicity is removed - one good piss could supply the whole village.

The mushroom is bright red and white and grows symbiotically with Fir and Spruce trees - and reindeer love it.

unique in its ability

Not really unique, the psilocybe mushroom also retains its hallucinogenic properties when expelled in the urine.

Brings a whole new meaning to going out and getting "pissed"

  So far spring has always returned since I followed this simple ritual.  IT WORKS AND I JUST SHOWED YOU THE PROOF


Silly me.  I always bought into the scientific mumbo jumbo about the earth tilting on its axis - tilting?  pfft! what a stupid notion - your observations have certainly cleared up that whole coming of spring bit. :>).  You are a wealth of useful information.

The earth TILTS?? Oh, fu*%!

I'm not having a war on Christmas.  I like Christmas.  I have trees, lights and secular decorations all over my house.  I even call it "christmas" because my family has been doing so for hundreds of years and tradition is as good a reason to do something as anything else.  I don't have a nativity scene in my house and my dd asked me yesterday why this Jesus guy was so popular.  I am keeping it in the true secular tradition of spending too much money and feeling guilty I didn't spend more.  I plan on eating too much and drinking lots of egg nog.  I have not given one dime to the Salvation Army bell ringers.  I give plenty the rest of the year to secular groups and resent being forced to walk past these bozos just to get into Walmart or the grocery store.  I would happily join in a war against them.


I am so glad I put up my yule tree.  I didn't know life on earth depended on it.  I am also petitioning Santa Claus for snow because my kids really want it and you know he controls the weather this time of year.



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