It's evening.

I'm tired.

I had a long day.  As usual.

I don't want anything to do with other people in my face.

When I go home, the thing I want most is to be left alone.

Who made the rule that I have to greet hoards of kids who come to my door wanting candy?

Is it good for kids to take candy from strangers?

Is it good to reward kids with unhealthy candies, rewarding them for what?   Give them atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cavities?

Every year it's the same.  We buy bags of candies we would not otherwise buy, give away 1/2 of it, and have the rest to eat, not wanting to, or throw away.

I thought about several things to do.

Like hide at the back of the house with the lights off.

Or buy a loaf of multigrain, whole grain bread and give each kid a slice.  Very healthy!

Or have a nice big bowl, filled with little broccoli heads, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, and carrots.  They could pick which the wanted.  Also very healthy!

Or but up a sign stating "Quarantine!   Influenza, meningitis, and flesh eating bacteria"

Finally, I put a sign on the front door, stating "Sorry!!  No candy!  I'm Sick  :-( "

So far it's been quiet.

I'm a grouchy old man.

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Parents have ruined Halloween. It used to be that kids would throw on a bed sheet or some of daddy's or Mummy's old ripped up clothing and spend hours walking around town, no parents involved. Treats could be home made peanut-brittle, popcorn balls, candied apples, and yes, some store bought stuff, but a good deal of homemade stuff too.

Then adults took over. Now it's store purchased costumes, store bought candies, individually wrapped by law,  and gender stereotypes gone awry, with parents putting girls in princess costumes instead of Halloween gear.

But the worst is that Halloween has become politically incorrect, this once fun pagan holiday is now being called "Black and Orange" day in school, and principals are telling kids to dress in Black and orange suits (no costume that could be considered offensive to any religion pray you) and are being let out of school the next day because they are too drunk on sugar for the school to be able to handle them the next day.

Bloody hell. Halloween is so ruined, why not delete it altogether.

Edit: Also there used to be a rule, no knocking if there was not jack-o-lantern.  Placing a jack-o-lantern at the front door was the sign that the house was willing to participate in the festivities, now kids knock everywhere, even with front lights off.

I'm lucky. Neighborhood kids picked on my red heeler and german shepard one too many times. Now if they get near my property my dogs go crazy. Feel sorry for my dogs, but hey, no kids on halloween ( :


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