I recently watched The X-Files: I Want to Believe. It was a lot better than I had expected. Even though the characters had progressed considerably (and I like how they had progressed), it reminded me of the older episodes of the show. I hope they make more TheX-Files movies like this one.

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I didn't like how Reyes as the "believer" was portrayed - Mulder got to be brilliant about this theories and Reyes came off as the flighty "let me check your aura to be sure" woman. Ugh, again, I'm probably just bitter about Duchovny.

And I never got the lesbian vibe from her, I'll have to go back and watch a couple episodes.

Oh, and Krycek? Yes. Best scene ever.
Marie, the lesbian vibe came from the episode where Scully was pregnant and she was afraid they wanted to take her baby. Reyes took her out to that home in the country, and she was almost going into labor, and Reyes kept going on about how beautiful she looked. Scully seemed to want to say "thanks, but I don't go that way", but kept silent. It seemed lesbianesque to me.

I don't recall that scene you linked too. The only thing that could make it better is if they were both in swim suits.
Ooo, I always interpreted the pregnancy scene as Scully thinking Reyes was being all mother earth granola about her pregnancy while crazies were on the hunt for them.

And the scene I linked to was from season two, Duane Barry. I can't recall more details at the moment because I'm... distracted. Obviously.
No, I didn't interpret it as being mother-earthy. I totally thought Reyes had the hots for Scully.


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