"It’s that time of year when, if you tune into Fox News or right-wing talk radio, you’re sure to hear the phrase “war on Christmas” repeated ad infinitum. Perhaps you’ve also seen Rick Perry’s new war on Christmas ad, which gives the added gift of rabid homophobia, while absurdly accusing President Barack Obama of leading a war on religion.

But in reality, this year, like most years, it's right-wing Christians who are waging a war on the right of non-believers to avoid having religion shoved down their throats.

Say “Merry Christmas” -- or Else"

Yup,and I get so all fired sick of it I could puke through my nose...And no one gets to stand up to them and tell them they are wrong cause the fairness doctorine is now gone. I wish there was one place on this earth we could go from Nov. to Jan to escape the madness.


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Yeah...it's so insulting that other holidays besides Xmas exist, and that not everyone celebrates Xmas, just like it's so insulting that other religions besides Christianity exist.

Can we start a war on Easter next?

this is from Media matters

The fake "war on christmas" is a propaganda tool and has become so obvious I don't know how much longer they can keep using it.

It was nicely strange for me at work.  Working with many, many people, who don't know a lot about me.  There were more people wishing me "Happy Hanukkah" than ever before.  It was interesting because people assume I'm Jewish (long funny sounding german type name) but im not, at least for the 7 generations I know of.  I grew up fundamentalist Baptist.  People just wanted to be nice.   These were people who I assume (but don't know) are christians.  It actually was nice.  So much for the war on Xmas.

There ARE places where we can escape Xmas...  like Iran, or Saudi Arabia.  I wouldn't want to be there. But I do understand what you are saying, and if I had my  preference, I would avoid the oppressiveness of the holiday season too.

Yeah,I would not want to go to those places either...
What's interesting is even though I don't celebrate it, there is a bit of stress that always goes away once the day after xmas arrives...I always feel such a re-leaf when it's finally over.




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