which, of course, is why their santa (the church) *steals* down the chimney: to change the labels on all the presents to read "from Santa" (for those parents dumb enough to lie to their children and allow the church to steal credit for the gifts; and then, no doubt, demand respect from their children).
Their grinch can never give back what it stole of most value: their sense of safety and privacy; it could never again be trusted.
Their xmas is the *biggest*, the *greatest*, the *longest running* business scam in history: donations for nothing more than a lie about their haven they call heaven; and a modified version of "god jesus" killing children so that it was their jesus that died and not their jesus killing someone's son or daughter.
This is how it really went down; if at all. Fathers do not ask sons to die; if need be, fathers die before children. Anything else, like priests and preachers, are child killers: not a father, not a man.
All churches are sacrificial (sacred) temples where the preachers and priests (group of pedophiles) sacrifice (rape and kill) children.

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I'd find a new acid dealer if I were you.
fetch,you are SO funny!!!!!


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