I got exited about old idea in my mind ..in short its converting extremest people chemically 
we gave them a pile .. and they will be open minded  , inspired by a post  for some one  how tried LSD as a volunteer for a pharmaceutical lab or company   .. he said he become religious  for one year or so  ..I think it was because  he lost confidence  in his senses and  mind ..it was like a big shake led him to grasp in biggest power he knows.    
if we can opposite that situation by giving him large amount of confidence, happiness   enough to show him the light of noGod for awhile  :)   
maybe a big dosage of anti depressing or mix of Extacy and other chemicals.

what you think ?

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A trip to the Andes, a new haircut or tattoo, or getting laid often can achieve the same thing. It ultimately depends on people - we react differently to stimuli.
All of those.
All of those things, I want to do in the same trip.

I'll take that please.
Extremism, maybe. But there are plenty of rational, sane "theists". They tend to ignore the bible and organized religion though.
i agree with the Nerd and Jezzy .
religious people have this misconception about atheists being depressed and that they believe in nothing . i remember my first exposure to atheists . they were my friends for a while , then the subject of evolution came up and i was receptive to the idea. not that i was anywhere close to being religious at the time ;)
i aslo have encountered rational muslims . who simply take Gods words as orders. even though they might question its logic.they still assume it to be Godly orders and rationalize it something like God knows better in the long run .


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