This one needs no explanation. 



This one is best enjoyed if spoken out loud in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression...


…Hasta la vista baby jesus









God fail... 



Next time you're faced with public prayer, say this one out loud, …really loud

But, it really isn't a gap...


Prime Mover indeed...


It's a sign from god!


It's really this easy...



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lol!that's funny!thanks for sharing the pics.


Do only stupid people set up church signs?

Thanks for this! I laughed so hard at the "God is my Co-Pilot" and "Big Bang God Fart" that I was crying. My boyfriend also had a good laugh. :)

A few more… as always, click to enlargenate. 

next one's home-made I couldn't find the original, sometimes photoshop is faster...

Needle bending irony here...


I loved the comment too "Take, smoke: this is my body, which is tokin' for you."

oh i need to get me one of these!

Everything about this thing is awesome!




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