This one needs no explanation. 



This one is best enjoyed if spoken out loud in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression...


…Hasta la vista baby jesus









God fail... 



Next time you're faced with public prayer, say this one out loud, …really loud

But, it really isn't a gap...


Prime Mover indeed...


It's a sign from god!


It's really this easy...



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From the Reason Rally!

I didn't take any side-trips to go check-out the protesters, but this was off to the side of the crowd close to where we were, so I just popped over to get a picture. After I got my pic, I walked up to the guy with the Fail shirt and shook his hand and thank him. After this, people followed suit, ignoring the Xtian protester and giving the kid his props and shaking his hand, …cool.


The kid was great, he probably stood next to the b-thumper for well over an hour, …never once acknowledging his presence, it was perfect. Some of our group paid the WBC protesters a visit and got some great pics, but I stayed in our spot for the entire rally, aside from smoke and pee  breaks off to the side.

My Reason Rally blog is up, there are some great videos of Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard as well as many other featured speakers.

Best Epic Jesus Fail ever…..

It gets better!

Jesus-Fail-Guy has his own YouTube channel, and he had his own cameraman there and was taping everything. So, I'm watching his "part 1" video, and notice that the FAIL shirt kid can be seen from behind, …oh! there's my buddy Tommy taking his picture, …oh! there's me, then, …EDIT… he had to cut out all his preaching for all the time that everybody was shaking the kid's hand. So, when the video continues post edit… nobody's there.

I left him some comments on YouTube:


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