It is time to stop debating theists. Theists are less intelligent and should be treated as such. We only serve to decrease their intelligence by trying to engage them in intelligent conversation.

Atheists should engage the doubters, the people sitting on the fence. The intelligent ones will see the truth. In time theists will be small in numbers, they will be the minority, but we must dismiss them. 

For the last hold outs the truly deranged believers I submit that a new mental health disorder to be known as "Theistic Predisposition Disorder" be listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

Three million years of human evolution has rendered the majority of humanity predisposed to theistic beliefs. These beliefs cloud the judgement of all afflicted. Political, social, military, economic, medical, scientific and a myriad of other important decisions are made based on a mental disorder. Decisions which effect the whole of humanity are made based on a belief of fairytales. Humanity itself is threatened by such horrific incompetence!

"Theistic Predisposition Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis characterized by an irrational and pervasive belief in God(s) and/or belief in an afterlife." 

Atheists must take action. Humanity cannot survive itself if it keeps bringing god along for the ride.

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I myself am not in favor of voting under capitalism period. It doesn't do a bit of good, none. Revolution is necessary. Under capitalism the .gov are simply the $elected $pokespeople for the capitalist class. The Obomber was $elected by the capitalists because the majority of them believed that we would be best, in the face of growing resistance, at bringing them in the most profits. Also some capitalists who understood something about the true nature of capitalism, understood that by $electing him they would be in a better position to publicly give rise to a fascist movement.


I don't believe that you're evil RM, you too are but a product of your environment. There was a time when I was deluded into your type of elitist thinking. Does it make you feel better to believe that you're much smarter than the "morons" who believe in a fairy tale? You have created a drug for yourself, not altogether different than the drug of theism.


As for whether or not the Obomber is an atheist or not, I suspect that he isn't. He (at least the character he plays in public) seems to me the type who is much too afraid to stray away from what is consider to be "normal" in society.


The capitalist class have overwhelming control of the public opinion-molding machine (TV, newspapers, textbooks etc...everything a society looks to when judging what is "normal") and this allows them to set the default for what is "normal." It's not that we all strive to be "normal," it's that we are social animals who don't want to stray so far away from "normal" as to risk the ability to secure our survival, and to risk being shunned by our family and friends. Of course there are people who cast aside that fear and generally we call those people revolutionaries, and the capitalist class calls them terrorists. The capitalist class can now (thanks to TV's etc.. substituting for the previous function of the church) tolerate atheists within their ranks and some elsewhere (it helps them create more fear in society by having a visible "enemy"), but as soon as you start taking atheism to the exploited masses and are able to find a way to significantly penetrate the capitalist controlled pomm shield, then see what happens. Before long you will face the armed forces under their command. What? Atheists don't bomb churches and rape babies etc..? Well they will when the capitalist class decides it's time to focus their efforts on you instead of Muslims.

Gotta think my 142 I.Q. counts for something. LoL!

Your IQ as judged by what standard? One set forth by the capitalist class. I don't pretend to think that everything the capitalists and their allies believe is wrong, especially in the realm of science, but I bet you got points for answering that Columbus "discovered" America, that America "liberated" Vietnam and that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was an overall negative experience. I bet they'd dock you points if you referred to "Thanksgiving" as what it really is, Genocide Cover-Up Day.

By what mechanism do you believe yourself to be smarter than others? Do you believe that you're genetically superior to others? I'm sure that you know enough about biology to know that that is not correct. If you recognize that you're not genetically superior to others, then surely you must recognize that people are products of our environment, and that environment is overwhelmingly under the control of the capitalist class.

If a child is locked in a room for their entire life and given daily beatings, whose fault is it if the child exhibits odd behaviors? Well the capitalist class control one big beating room. Just because you've been enabled, through your position in capitalist society, to see out of a window at a glimpse of the real world and to make some sense of it, does not give you the right to blame the other children for their behavior. Instead of yelling at the children and acting as if you're better than them, start breaking down the walls.

This is not a perfect analogy, but I hope you get my main point.

You must realize that the overwhelming majority of humanity doesn't have enough time to take away from securing their survival to study things in-depth. And even if they do, they're pushed and pulled in a million ways to distract them from the truth. Even here in the frontyard of the empire itself, where more people have more time to study due to the wealth that the imperialists have extracted from elsewhere in the world, the majority of people don't have the time to make sense of, or to even understand why it is important to make sense of, what they may see outside of the window. The capitalists have put all kinds of toys here (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC etc..) to pacify people by making them think that what they see outside the window is bad stuff, that they're already an expert on the matter, and the best of all possible worlds is here in the playpen.


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