Quote from Theo Van Gogh publicizing his book one year before his assassination by a Muslim extremist.

This book is called 'Allah Knows Best' because it is my dark suspicion that the new Middle Ages of Mecca are on the verge of outbreak; and because I feel, as a professional atheist, very unsafe in a climate that is dominated by ambitious mayors who are happily busy “keeping things together” and sit round the table with the wrong mosque board, while Moroccan youngsters play soccer with funeral wreaths on the 4th of May. Since September 11, as you well know, the knives are sharpened and the fifth column of goat fuckers marches ahead relatively unhindered. I can’t make more of it. We live in a nightmare of good intentions and misunderstood idealism.” [Christianity and Other Superstitions]

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I agree with the man totally!

My life was "on again/ off again" as far as religion and studying for the lay ministry, wondering which religion was the right one, worrying so much about god, finally becoming an apostate, only to be woke up to atheism and look back to 9/11. That was a religious event also.

The words of Theo Van Gogh describe our current situation very well.

Prophetic, considering he was murdered by a Muslim extremist. Unsafe indeed.




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