One of those lawmakers, conservative state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), told WHYY that he believed Sims' comments would be a violation of "God's law."

"I did not believe that as a member of that body that I should allow someone to make comments such as he was preparing to make that ultimately were just open rebellion against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God's law," Metcalfe said.

say what??? 

i think what surprises me most about this is where it happened.  not in Alabama or Kansas, but in Pennsylvania.  now i understand that PA is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Kentucky in between, but still.

what's most disturbing, however, is that Republicans nationwide are not moderating, but instead continuing to morph into a type of American Taliban.  i don't think it's a stretch to say that religion (Christianity only, of course) is the most important thing in the world to Republican lawmakers.  everything they do flows from there.  whether it's prosperity gospel driven economic policy, insistence on stripping reproductive rights for women, or downright refusal to acknowledge same sex marriage, everything they do starts with their interpretation of God (and God's Law, as seen here). 

how much longer until the GOP just drops it's pretense as a major political party and just admits that they're really God's Own Party? 

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Personally I do not believe it will be too awfully long before the United States will be transformed into an American Christian theocracy, a Christian version of Iran. I've remarked about that before here on A/N. It is something I fear because of the repercussions for non-believers or believers in other religions.

i'm not so sure.  everything is trending against them.  they might hang on for another decade or so, but they're drowning in demographics.  like, all demographics.  young people are losing their faith at a wonderfully high rate, hispanics (who while religious, are not of the teavengelical persuasion) are increasingly Democratic, and the Republican base is literally dying off.  

it may be painful for us for a while, but eventually i think we'll win out.  




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