ok, that's just the news.  i have commentary.  

with the very real possibility that the SCOTUS sides with Hobby Lobby, i have to admit i'm way more terrified of religion than i was before.  and i mean all religion.  not that i'm a fan, obviously, but i've never considered myself an anti-theist.  i figure live and let live, for the most part.  but with this decision, the court would turn America into a pseudo-theocracy, with the potential to go full bore.  

if this happens, there is no putting Pandora back into the box.  the courts would never decide whose religious beliefs are legitimate and whose aren't.  which means that corporations can object to any law it has a religious objection to.  the potential ramifications are sweeping.  

the entire idea of religion would have more power.  if America, the strongest economic force in the world, sanctioned a corporation's right to hold religious beliefs how might that impact the power of religion?  it would create another incentive to continue to hold onto myths, even if a person had silently given up on them.  

yet i'd bet on the conservative bench winning the day.  after all, if corporations can be people they might as well be allowed to be nuts.  

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Total agreement, Matthew.  This is one we as atheists need to watch like a hawk.  If the ruling goes in favor of Hobby Lobby, WE need to lobby ... louder than stinking hell ... and raise a ruckus that NO ONE can ignore.

This nation is a nation of LAWS, not one of beliefs.  That line had better be inviolable.

and per usual, you manage to sum it up better in 30 words better than i can in 300.  totally agree about the watching and lobbying.  that new atheist lobby - this should be their first big push.  this is a total non starter for anyone in the secular community.  we can join the crowd that already wants a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United.  

The problem with that is that atheist is probably one of the single-greatest minority groups in America, consisting from around one to five percent of the populous. This number is large, but take away all the college-student converts(as nice as this is, they aren't armed with the proper logic and reasoning, they choose their beliefs because their professors made them appealing), and that removes a pretty big chunk. And when the atheist community does raise its head, we have the religious section, particularly the Christian denominations, to be concerned about. Almost anything the atheist attach themselves to, the eighty-plus-percent large group normally will label as 'evil' and 'immoral'.

I doubt that we can fight the effects of the 'revivals' in the twentieth century unless we begin to go to the root of the problem - the ignorant people who support this bull. 

Atheists may only be one to five percent, but the "nones" taken together may number as high as 20 percent, and that is a respectable bunch of people.  The trick, of course, is to make them aware of what is going on and motivate them to contact their representatives in government, state, local or federal, and demand that something be done.  Oh, and while I'm at it, I'd like $1 million in small bills, unmarked and unsequenced!

Yeah, I know that's a tall order, but the fact is we're talking about that "wall of separation" between church and state that Jefferson wrote the Danbury Baptist about 200+ years ago.  If that wall comes down, even a little bit, we are in deep sneakers.  The fact is, I don't see that ANYONE has the right to superimpose their beliefs on others, whether it's a judge who displays the 10 commandments in his courtroom or an employer who doesn't like that his insurance plan pays for birth control.  Neither are tolerable ... and it's past time the bible thumpers learned that.

My wife who does crafts and several of our friends no longer shop at "Holy lobby" precisely for the reason as stated in the article.

hope this link works.  Maddow led off her show last night on this issue.  

Okay ... a couple scenarios here, people:

  • A Jehovah's Witness head of a company mandates that no insurance monies may go to hospital procedures which may include blood transfusions
  • An Orthodox Jew head of a company insists that any coverage for the birth of a male child include circumcision as a mandatory practice.
  • A Christian Scientist head of a company demand that NO INSURANCE be paid for by the company, since people should be able to pray away their illnesses.

Are the above absurd?  Of course they are ... and the attempt to cut birth control out of insurance coverage is no less absurd.

One person's right to exercise their religion ENDS where the next person's right to their beliefs (or lack thereof!) BEGINS.  Period, end of discussion.

Loren, the possibilities go beyond healthcare.  what if an owner has a religious objection to homosexuals working for his company.  or atheists?  what if an owner has a religious objection to paying the minimum wage?  or to unions? 

it would really put us in unchartered waters. 

Precisely so ... which is why, to rephrase what I said in my last post, one person's right to wave their beliefs about Ends At My Nose!

Want to know something really scary about how far the Hobby Lobby crap can go? Their president has proposed a Bible class for a local high school in Mustang, Oklahoma. 

Hey ... if they're willing to do that, how about a course on Islam and the koran ... and while we're at it, why not go whole hog and have a class or series of classes in comparative religion???

Why not?  Because that would upset their applecart, never mind give those attending such courses possible grounds to doubt their own beliefs ... and we can't have that!

You are religious and you don't agree about the ACA having a "morning after" pill? In that case, if you ever need such a pill, simply refuse to take it. Problem solved. Do not try to make the business of other people YOUR business.




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