ok, that's just the news.  i have commentary.  

with the very real possibility that the SCOTUS sides with Hobby Lobby, i have to admit i'm way more terrified of religion than i was before.  and i mean all religion.  not that i'm a fan, obviously, but i've never considered myself an anti-theist.  i figure live and let live, for the most part.  but with this decision, the court would turn America into a pseudo-theocracy, with the potential to go full bore.  

if this happens, there is no putting Pandora back into the box.  the courts would never decide whose religious beliefs are legitimate and whose aren't.  which means that corporations can object to any law it has a religious objection to.  the potential ramifications are sweeping.  

the entire idea of religion would have more power.  if America, the strongest economic force in the world, sanctioned a corporation's right to hold religious beliefs how might that impact the power of religion?  it would create another incentive to continue to hold onto myths, even if a person had silently given up on them.  

yet i'd bet on the conservative bench winning the day.  after all, if corporations can be people they might as well be allowed to be nuts.  

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they really struggle with this concept.  don't like gay marriage?  don't get gay married.  don't like marijuana?  don't smoke it.  don't like the pill don't take the pill.  all this from the people who scream FREEEEDOMMMMM!!!  

They can't stand the thought of our government implying that their deeply felt religious beliefs are simply one opinion among many, rather than a code to be "legitimately" imposed on all our citizens.

If society recognizes same-sex marriage, for example, then a religion that opposes it isn't so supported and special and privileged anymore. The secular laws undermine the wish of the religionists who'd like to control all of us.

i think that's the truth of it.  that's why it's so important that America be a "Christian Nation".

Dennis, these guys, by their very nature, are BUSYBODIES!  They MUST stick their noses into everyone else's business, because their god sez that this is how it's supposed to be.  Actually, more likely, because they can't deal with differences or non-conformity and their comfort level demands that everyone be the same as they are.

To them, I smile nicely and flip either a metaphorical or literal middle finger!  Anyone who wants me to adjust myself for their sake is going to discover they have a most unpleasant fight on their hands.



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