Close your eyes and try to think of something labeled "God".  You can't!  You can think of unicorns, and pink polka dot elephants, and even Zeus and Hercules, but those aren't anything a theist would  label "God".  You can think of a huge bearded old man in the sky, like the one Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but that bearded old man is material and finite in size, nothing any theist would label "God".  Everything you can think of is finite in size and material.  You cannot think of anything to label "spiritual and infinite", yet that's what theists say in their "God"-talk.  All anybody can do is say the words.  So theists do not believe in or worship anything at all.  They just think they do, and speak as though they do, and feel emotionally as if they do.  But all they have is three alphabet letters in a row -- a capital G on the left, a little o in the middle and a little d on the right end. 



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Interesting Edwin.  

I am mostly illiterate in philosophy but your line of reasoning reminds me of Descarte and cogito ergo sum. To play the devil's advocate, we could say we cannot think of a physical thing labeled our own mind yet we know (or think we know) it exists because we are thinking about it. 

Thinking about what?  The three letters that spell "God"?  If you can't imagine sensing anything for a row of alphabet letters to represent, then all you have is a row of alphabet letters no more significant that the row of letters "zxcvbnm".  Atheists as well as theists and agnostics believe that the row of letters "God" refers to something that they either believe in, don't believe in, or something to withold judgment on.  But I don't know of any reason to believe they know of anything that they believe in, don't believe in or withhold judgment on.  They just think they do.

Whenever I find myself having a "debate" with a theist, I always start asking for their definition of "god" (No capital g). Although the responses always vary, I get the following attribute most of the time: "Infinite". WTH? this is most frustrating, because then I follow up asking what infinite is (or means), and there is where I get the blank stares... Most theists I have discussed these matters with, do not have a clear idea of what their "god" is. I think is because of indoctrination which does not really try to explain the attributes of the "god" in question.

What definition have you ever heard given for the row of alphabet letters "God" that makes any sense?  I have never heard one.  They all say "Creatror of the universe".  How do you imagine a thing doing an activity to label "creating a universe".  If there is no universe there to be located in, then how can something be located anywhere to do anything called "creating a universe". It's impossible to have learned the words "creator" and "universe" in such a way that "creator of the universe" can make sense.


Um...that is true. Religion and spirituality are both based on ideas of who or what a god might be in someone's mind. Or a group of minds. It's not based on anything else. 

Why believe there are any ideas at all?  Their belief is that "creator of the universe" is coherently defined.  They think "God" refers to something so great that they can't even imagine it.  But if you cannot conjure up a thought in your head of anything for some words to mean, then all you have are just the words.  And words are just made up of letters, and letters are just squiggles.   

"Our squiggle, who aren't in heaven . . . "


But what you are missing is this....for someone of faith, they don't care if they can't describe it as you or I wish. Faith is about believing in something you will never see. You cannot define. Which is why it is called faith. I was once a theist, since childhood. I believed in the idea of a god, but that idea comforted me for a long time. It is the comfort that religious people cling to. Not words. Not ideas. But, the fantasy offers comfort. You are coming from a vantage point that makes sense, a theist, or a spiritual are applying a sense of logic that they don't apply. When I was a theist, I didn't think logically ...for faith doesn't stem from logic.

>>Faith is about believing in something you will never see. You cannot define. 

What "something" do you think you are talking about?  I know of no reason to believe to are talking about anything, but only having the illusion that you are.

Many consider the bearded old man in their visions is god, because of the passage where man is made in god's image, so they can think of their finite, bearded old man as god, because it is an image of a man.

So their image is not infinite, nor omnipotent.  It is simply a false image, and if their Jesus image is the one popularized by modern Christianity, they are again mistaken, as nobody can visualize the real Jesus as god, either.


Dyslexic's DOG>>Many consider the bearded old man in their visions is god,

Why do you spell "God" with a little "g"?  No theist does.  Anyway, please introduce me to a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Hindu who says "God is a bearded old man".  At present, I know of no reason to believe that any such person exists.  




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