Close your eyes and try to think of something labeled "God".  You can't!  You can think of unicorns, and pink polka dot elephants, and even Zeus and Hercules, but those aren't anything a theist would  label "God".  You can think of a huge bearded old man in the sky, like the one Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but that bearded old man is material and finite in size, nothing any theist would label "God".  Everything you can think of is finite in size and material.  You cannot think of anything to label "spiritual and infinite", yet that's what theists say in their "God"-talk.  All anybody can do is say the words.  So theists do not believe in or worship anything at all.  They just think they do, and speak as though they do, and feel emotionally as if they do.  But all they have is three alphabet letters in a row -- a capital G on the left, a little o in the middle and a little d on the right end. 



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Joan, Edwin's first post wasn't enough to show us what drivel is. We have been slow learners.

>>the validity of his claims.

I'm not making any claim, unless you call the LACK of making a claim "making a claim"  [Is the LACK of a horse a horse?]

It's you atheists and agnostics who are making a claim, the claim that "God" is a meaningful word.   Why do you make that claim? I simply don't make that claim.  That's really all I've said here.  I simply don't make that claim, and I wonder why you do.  

You weren't born with the belief that "God" is a meaningful word.  So you had to acquire your belief that that capitalized row of three letters is meaningful at some point in your life.   What was it that caused you to jump to the conclusion that "God" is a meaningful word in the first place?  Something had to cause you to take on the belief that "God" is a meaningful word, since you weren't born believing it to be a meaningful word.   What was it that caused you to take on the belief that "God" is a meaningful word?   You may not remember, but you're intelligent enough to know that something caused you to believe that "God" is a meaningful word. Why do you believe it is?


John, you make sense out of nonsense. 

Yes, John, you do.

Its kind of funny you mention this, because in a sense, modern day religious belief is the worship of other peoples experience. 


I once had a dream I was talking to god, as we talked every time I looked at it it had a different appearance, all of them human, but it changed gender race age size during the conversation in my dream.

I found it very interesting, but as I reflected on what i could remember of the conversation after I awoke I realized what sounded so brilliant when I was asleep sounded kinda shallow and stupid once I was awake. Sometimes when I hear people label some rather shallow concept as "deep" I am reminded of that dream  and my experience with it.



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