There is a phobia.  It is the fear of God(s) or Religion.

Could 'Theists' use this as a counter argument against us, Non-Believers?

Viva Atheism

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Hello brother, it's theists who have fear of God and not atheists. Atheists reject thd existence of God and hence have no fear of someting which does not exist. So it is the theists who have theophobia.

Is there a name for the fear of religious nutjobs?
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I've got theophobia, but in the sense of fear of religion, and of deeply-religious people. Not a fear of God, though.
Hi, Andrew.

One of the reasons apologists give why atheists don't believe is that we hate God. To hate something is to fear it. To fear something you must accept it exists. Apologists have asserted that atheists secretly believe God exists, but don't what to acknowledge it. Thus we fear exposure in our hypocrisy, as well as, God's punishment.

Googling "reasons atheists don't believe" got this quote from link:

“It isn’t just that I don’t believe in God, and, naturally, hope that I’m right about my belief. I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that” (Thomas Nagel, "The Last Word"). This quote illustrates the thesis of a brand new book by Dr. James Spiegel, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Taylor University - The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief. This book, unlike other responses to the New Atheism (a la Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens), shows how atheists come to hold their beliefs not because of the evidence at hand but because of the sin in their hearts – their unbelief is a result of their disobedience. Listen in as host Rich Park and staff apologists Harry Edwards, Steve Tsai, and Andy Steiger interview author and professor Dr. James Spiegel.


I'm atheist because of sin in my heart. I'm disobedient to ????

They must really have a hard time getting their heads around the non-belief in god if the very people they TRAIN (apologetics) to converse with us believe we don't actually disbelieve in god.

At least we take the time to understand why they believe in god.
A little respect in the other direction would be nice.
Too be fair, as an example;

If you are a Football Fanatic, how easy/hard is it to imagine that somebody doesn't care or know about football, let alone might like soccer. Once bound within, it's hard to think outside the box.

Many people are trapped in a belief system, which for many reasons, they can't willingly escape. To admit an outside view threatens the person's sense of confidence, security, and identity. I'll admit I have a few boxes I'm trapped in, though, not to the extent that I deny an alternative view or desire harm to those who challenge my imprisonment.

Denigrating others to elevate and legitimize oneself is a common human flaw. When it becomes institutionalized and indoctrinated, then those who are abused must defend themselves.
Obedience is not the same as morality. Nazis were obedient to Hitler. Obedience is for children to their parents on whom they depend for survival.

As far as sin in our hearts is concerned, relicionists use that invention to exert power and control. They are greedy powermongers.
Respect for authority = submission. Submission to authority = obedience. Obedience = slave!

Whether a god exists or not, I am not going to become a quasi-slave to some dubious religious authority. Least of all, just to fit in.
Most habituated believers have the problem, as I have sometimes, of not being able to comprehend the alternative; of not believing/trapped in the fantasy system (God/My Religion) - if you don't believe then you believe in nothing (TRUE)!

I don't believe in: Such as Magic, Universal Consciousness, mysterious quantum causation, Electromagnetic Spiritual Harmonics, etc. So I don't believe in anything.

Theists won't accept that the vast, complex, awe inspiring; yet impersonal universe, can provide an explanation of existence and with consideration provide meaning. They need an explanation that puts them in the center of their warm, meaningful, personally important place in the universe. After all some absolute authority has to tell them who they are, why they exist and what to do; it's not like they can figure it out on their own.

I'm too busy trying to understand the infinite possibilities of this material and modifiable universe, to waste a thought on my invisible personal Sky Daddy's personal preferences and interferences with my life. Modern scientific knowledge provides so much explanatory power and engineering potential that any other story or fantasy is unnecessary.

To get back to theophobia as an excuse against us: believers are always telling us we are too afraid, running away from, sinful, disobedient, or immoral to willingly believe that God (The Great Nothing) is supervising and controlling our lives. Yea, right!
When talking to a Muslim, I told him that as an atheist, the thing I fear most is people, especially some of the religious fundamentalists. He replied that the only thing he had to fear was "God".




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