There is a phobia.  It is the fear of God(s) or Religion.

Could 'Theists' use this as a counter argument against us, Non-Believers?

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Most people can delete their own posts with the little X at the uppr right corner of their post. You probably need to log on with your pc to do that. THe original poster can also clean up your extra comments, just leaving one, if he wants to do that.

You make a good point in your comment. CHristians and Muslims both are commanded to fear their god, and for good reason, he's portrayed as a vicious bully, jealous, childish, and happy to torture and kill humans for no reason other than they are human.

The term phobia has been morphed into pejudice against a group of people. It's possible that there is sometimes a point, but that too, is a two-way street. It's difficult not to prejudge a class of people who, for hundreds of years, arount the world, oppress, kill, rape, enslave, steal, and otherwise mistraeat people with the excuse that those people dont beleive in the same things.
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