‘There are no wild cows’: Neil deGrasse Tyson slams ‘fear factor’ over GMOs

‘There are no wild cows’: Neil deGrasse Tyson slams ‘fear factor’ o...

What Tyson does not address is hybridized flora and fauna are usually infertile and do not pass on their genes to future generations. 

GMO pollen produces a new gene pool, causing an end or a threat to heirloom flora and fauna. We sill have longhorn cattle because there is controlled breeding. There are still heirloom tomatoes because there is controlled breeding. 

Humans cannot control GMO pollen, it replaces older varieties, never to be restored, unless there is a seed bank where they can be available to future generations. 

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I sent Tyson this message and he usually answers back promptly. 

I have tremendous respect for Tyson.  But since when is an astrophysicist and expert on genetics and agriculture, and genetic ecology?  Because he's really smart - which he is?

There are issues with GMO.  Some are effects on ag, some on ecology, and some on the setting in which they are grown, some for health and some for economics and monopolization of global crops,

Maybe GMO corn is  safe.  Maybe not.  It's GMO for a reason, including built in tolerance for glyphosate - roundup - which is controversial for human health effects and creates vast ecological monocrop deserts.  Building in genetic pesticides - what effect on pollinators?

It's not just about having a juicy watermelon and sweeter sweet corn.  There is a vast cosmos of effects, both intended and unintended.  Breaking it down to the simplest terms does not make for informed discussion

@Jenny Allen Easley, have you seen ‘There are no wild cows’: Neil deGrasse Tyson slams ‘fear factor’ o... ?

I sent him a response and I usually hear from him very promptly. You might want to write to him as well, and your supporters. You will have a stronger support for your position because of your involvement and knowledge.  

I'm one who thinks we need to maintain a seed bank. The fear of GMO products in the first place is that people think they will have to go to Monsanto (or whomever?) for the seed. The fear is of a product that grows from a seed that you buy, then the harvested item will have no seed to re-grow with. In this manner you are forever in the grips of the GMO producer. The middleman producing the seed has then become the "god" of the product. They have you right where they want you.

Probably I'm not addressing this properly according to how you wrote it. What I am addressing is the farmer's fear of GMO seed.

I agree with you about the need for seed banks.  There needs to be a resources that is diverse adapted to different areas, and not owned by a monopoly.



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