There goes the United neighborhood ? Nations... Russia and Cuba!?! no way. they're fubar!!!

See the guy that nailed his balls to st petersburg square? in russia .. even youtube has it!? nuts no pun!!!

(Reuters) - ChinaCubaRussia and Saudi Arabia on Tuesday won three-year seats on the Geneva-based Human Rights Council, the United Nations' top rights body, despite concerns about abuses and restrictions on freedoms in all four nations.

Also winning seats on the 47-nation council were Algeria, Britain, FranceMexico, the Maldives, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Vietnam, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The annual election for one-third of the council's membership was held in the 193-nation U.N. General Assembly.

South Sudan and Uruguay failed to win election to the council in competitive slates for their respective regional groups. The other regions had uncontested ballots.

The newly elected countries will be on the council from 2014 through 2016.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said the newly elected members of the council include "some that commit significant violations of the rights the council is designed to advance and protect" and that the election itself was a reminder that the council's work remains unfinished.

Power did not specify which countries she was referring to. Peggy Hicks of Human Rights Watch was more specific.

"With the return of ChinaRussiaSaudi Arabia and Cuba, human rights defenders will have their work cut out for them at the Human Rights Council next year," said Hicks, an expert at the New York-based advocacy group.

why do I have the feeling the UN wants ... commodities and could careless about...
? hrmmmm.. sounds like a bumpy road ahead!

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One has to wonder what the UN is thinking.  Then, too, one has to wonder IF the UN is thinking!

In Israel many people refer to the UN as the United Nothing. It is a body where special interests have often (Usually?) trumped universal interests. 

Sort of like having wolves invited to the union of sheep flocks.




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