In 1759, a Doctor Pangloss said noses were created to carry spectacles. And so we have spectacles.

How many other body parts, human or non-human, were so well designed?

For instance, fingers for finger food, rings and masturbation.

Toes for stubbing and language acquisition.

Prostates in males for enlarging and shutting off the flow of urine.

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And a complicated throat for breathing, feeding, talking and choking...

As if breathing, feeding, talking and choking aren't enough, throats hold tonsils too.


AND ... the proverbial entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage farm!  I hope I don't have to draw you a diagram!

Well, Ken Ham says the area of the palm between the thumb and the index finger heralded the creation of the banana.

We have video proof.

Ken Ham is a moron. If he's right then almost anything the size or the shape of a banana would apply. He made it up!

If we had intelligent design a person's anus might be in his foot. That way you could say "my ass really hurts today from all that running." Exercise videos would probably never be the same. Doctors could prescribe jogging for constipated patients too.

If there really was a designer we could have DNA that lets us re-grown amputated limbs. Some creatures do that you know, and jebus said we were worth more than many sparrows.

Further proof: 3 lady holes all together for germs to infest the urinary track and cause glorious pink pee.

Imagination lacks nothing from this creative group. The three holes and pink pee is all too familiar to ladies. To imagine a better design presents a good topic to contemplate upon going to sleep. Good night folks!




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