Everybody is getting in an uproar over the proposed mosque to be built just 2 blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center.  What most of them don't know is that there is already a mosque 3 blocks away on Warren Street.  They call it a "masjid", which the Arabic word for "mosque" (the term "mosque" is actually French).  This existing mosque was there for 20 years before 9/11.  The group proposing the new one is unaffiliated with them.




Also, many would be surprised to learn that the Pentagon observes Ramadan and that President Bush hosted an iftar, which is the meal that Muslims eat in the evening during Ramadan after having fasted during the day.



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As far as I know, the uproar isn't about having a mosque there. It's about the fact that it will be torn down and replaced with a multi-billion dollar highrise Islamic headquarters, a "tower". If the location isn't important then why are Saudi interests spending so much money on building it in that particular location?
Not so sure about that. Its clear Saudi Arabia wants to be the New Conquistador of the 21st century with their attempts at "Mecca time." Its funded by saudi money to push their anti secularism in America and gather a foot hold for further anti secular intrusion. Anyways I would be opposed to it as well if catholics had slammed into the building. Its like when catholics built churches over the ruined remnants of native peoples. Its a clear sign of dominance. If they have one mosque why build another? And these muslim centers, much like the christian centers are only sly ways of creeping into the community and building up money interests to push their anti secularism and special religious interests. These community centers also act as a convenient source of PR for the religion. Why cant we just have 'a community center?' Why does it have to be religous and divisive? If it was really about serving the community then they would simply build a secular community center. I also wonder if the community center is going to be gender divided?
Not that it matters(I support the 1st Amendment) but these guys seem less threatening than the Catholic church.


I just think that it's election season, so the rabid pit-bulls are out in full force stirring up controversy.
Spot on, it's time to start dividing, drive the fear then conquer the electorate...again.

Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain, look those Musselmen are so scary.
The first amendment also supports people who are voicing their opposition to the Islamic center, as it does for any political speech and any religious building.

The first link doesn't make Rauf look good. The second link is for gullible people who don't know the first thing about Islam. Not only is a woman's inheritance half a man's, but a woman's testimony is also worth half a man's. They can put a good spin on it (that's called taqiyya) but it's still discrimination and in everyday reality is not benevolent to women.
They have just as much right to build there as any other religious institution.
watch, i bet the christians are gonna pull all their money together a build the worlds largest building with a crucifix touching the stars right on ground zero. Same ol' "my god is better than your god" BS. Its just more rabid because of political propaganda.
As an atheist, I would never give support to a mosque/church being built anywhere, but I do support the right/freedom to build one. So lately when I have to step in and come to the defense of muslims on this topic, reminding christians that muslims have the same rights as they do, I end up walking away feeling pretty strange.
in all fairness we have been building ground zeros near mosques since 2003.
Who's everybody? The children told what to think instead of how? What uproar? The one in Texas trying to break from the U.S.? As if the PNAC and it's Pearl Harbor moment were not enough (insert any strange faith-conspiracy there too; thanks for nothing Jeb!);

Certain U.S.-based media (ok and the Bible; some other crazed books) has scared people to the point they are unknowingly becoming (some are born into this) the fear mongers CNN/FOX/crazy churches fanning the flames that the private-family-based-foreign-(soon here?)-war-profiteering complex started and still start at the push of buttons. I'm leaning towards saying that so many families, big corp. families pulling and pushing economies are but Manson-like (not Mason) in their disdain towards the common artisans and low-signature families of this new era; users of world communications. There has been many journalist killings in Honduras. Hello, that's closer. There are people at Stirling Road in Davie Florida protesting their bank right now. Some folks don't even realize the very person they voted for is laughing at them to this day, chugh, ching.

They have the right to protest; be upset over change; breaking from mythological traditions. But to torture? Play judge and juror on human lives? Middle East policy knowledge? Not so much. Just black and white... right? Who cares right? Who's going to care about you when you're picking and choosing who's deemed desirable fellow man or woman.

I'm not saying jump into a blind-siding mugger but...
admiration of a woman aint' no crime
nor is being an American that happens to be a non-believer in regards to afterlife scenarios set forth by control-freak bastards... yeah we're coming for youuuuuu!
I'll agree that they have every right to build their cultural center, but I have to admit that it seems in bad taste. First, they complain about a few comics; and next they want to build something right next to where their fanatics killed thousands of Americans? What if atheist terrorists blew up a church, and then proceeded to build a freethought center on the rubble?

If what they really wanted was to help repair Islam's reputation in the U.S., they'd donate the money to the reconstruction of the WTC, instead.




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