We can and do spend endless hours debating the irrelevancy of religions and their respective contradictions and foolish superstitions.  But why?  (because they're currently 86% of the population...)

The gods never existed, its a character thats been reinvented so many times, for so many years, in fiction stories that the different versions by different authors hold little to any coherent semblance to each other.  Everyone here knows this as a gut feeling, thats why we are here.

So what should we do with this unhidden knowledge?  Should we diligently research every  thing these retarded (they slow down progress, its a legitimate term) people say to each other about their deities?  Seems a little worthless to me.

Why not stop focusing on what they are doing and work on what we want? 

Because we are it.  Supernatural entities never existed in the first place.  And I will not except any belief in space fairing aliens until i read that article in National Geographic (The true measure of good science.)  Humanity is all there is for intelligent life and we can't even live up to that term.  But I digress...  

What do we want?  Not the small shit like a 14% reduction in  the number of people who ascribe to the term "Christian".  No the big stuff like what do we want for this planet and this species called man.

I want ecological stability and a revitalization of damaged habitats for the planets health.  

I also want global peace, and I know how it can be achieved...

Political unification on the global scale.  I also know that I will be deemed off my gourd for suggesting it but it is true, unification brings internal peace.  (Yes the examples of oppressive governments being over thrown by rebellion are prevalent and well documented... that does in no way deter me from my assertion, but in fact strengthens my resolve to see enlightened unification to ensure and protect the individual rights of all people the world over) 

So, how do we go about achieving it? ... uh? ... well um? ... good question...

So yeah, thats covered... So... what else do we want?

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unification brings internal peace

Or all future wars will now be ironically called civil.
Sir, anyone who realizes the true implications of darwin realizes that all people are of one species, there for all wars are internal anyway. My views on things are so grand and idealized that I know they will not come to fruition in my life time. But world government will happen one day, its inevitable. We've had the current nation state system for only a few centuries, and history teaches that unification while not a "natural" state for humanity, it has proven time and again it's strength at dealing with overwhelming adversity. Which now is not invading forces but the ecological damage wrought by man.




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