So say words on the pavement outside the Vallejo, CA, main library. I saw them and thought of the slur that organizing atheists is like herding cats.

In the struggles ahead to protect our right to freedom from religion, will we 'solitary felines' unite long enough to win, before we return to our ways?

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I'd ask the Freedom From Religion Foundation about that ... or maybe American's United for the Separation of Church and State.  You might talk to American Atheists, too, while you're at it, and there are probably a couple other related outfits that don't come immediately to mind.

Are atheists utterly united?  Nope ... but we have some organizations which kick ass and take tickets and have some significant notches on their gun belts ... so I wouldn't lose hope JUST yet.

I agree, Freedom From Religion Foundation, American's United for the Separation of Church and State, American Atheists, and The Clergy Project, and The Thinking Atheist!

Reminds me of a sign at one of the Women's Marches following 45*'s inauguration: "So bad even introverts are here".

There are numerous non-theistic organizations.  In fact, that may be part of the problem.

I belong to the A H A -- American Humanist Association .  I also belong to a not-exactly-non-theist group, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

Both work to protect the rights of non-theists.  

Other wider-based groups like the ACLU protect the rights of everybody.  

I guess at this time the best response would be for these various groups to work together.  Which they often do.  

The named organizations have earned atheists' support, and supporting them may be the best some of us can do.
Some of us want a large organization able to deliver a heavy blow. Some of us prefer small organizations able to deliver small blows to many places. Don't debate it; choose an organization and pitch in.

I like democracy and the direct initiative and referendum (DI&R). Presently, 18 states don't have DI&R and their people are the victims of those they elect. DI&R could be one of three issues aheists could agree to support in their states, and at intervals of 6 or 12 months they might by vote change one of their issues for another.

So much to do, including a national DI&R, and so little time. (I'm 86.)




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