Signed today by California's Governor Jerry Brown, AB 249, a landmark bill against secret money in politics authored by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin and supported by more than 100,000 others!

"It took us nearly seven years," said the president of the California Clean Money Campaign, "but working together, our grassroots and coalition campaign just put into law by far the strongest disclosure law in the nation.  No other law requires the top three funders of political ads to be shown clearly and prominently on a solid black background on TV ads.  No other law requires true funders to be disclosed on ads even if they try to hide behind layers of front groups.  It's the first law anywhere to make it illegal to purposefully deceive voters about who pays for political ads."

Forty nine more states to go.

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An important step!

Cue Republican court challenge in 3... 2... 1...

Will the Supremes again find that citizens' right to "free speech" includes being exposed to absolutely unrestricted political ads, even if funding information is absent or deceptive?

Sounds great to me.

Even getting the few blue states to pass this would be a start.

Tom, when you allow your good and decent nature to show your genius reveals itself. I respect your political experience and good judgment. 

Joan, there will be losses along the way, but that many people cooperate to do stuff like the above law keeps my hope alive.

If voters in the 32 states whose constitutions don't have the direct initiative and referendum will cooperate, they will no longer be the victims of the people they elect. I

A step forward but politicians will always take any and every dollar that they can get for their campaigns. If anything comes up later they just claim "they never knew" or "had no idea." Politics has very little ethics.

Michael, that is but half of the problem.

People who want what politicans can deliver (favorable laws) offer a lot of dollars and other stuff of value.


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