There's zero proof that being gay is any morally different from straight. So why articles like this?

A gay couple is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester over claims it refused to sell them a mansion because of fears they would use it to host gay weddings.
James Fairbanks, 57, and Alain Beret, 59, filed their discrimination suit on Monday in Worcester Superior Court.


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True.  It confuses me though.  Maybe this means men should be honest with men (not lie with them, but be truthful with them) but it's OK for men to be dishonest with women?  Paul WAS a notable misogynist.  As I recall, he also said women should shut up in church.  Also something not true for modern christians.  Back to the verse, shouldn't it be Lay, not lie, when we mean get into a horizontal position?  Oh what a tangled web we weave, when the bible we believe.

Evangelicals don't have to worry about someone peeking in, someone is always watching.


From the Rev. Jim Huber's "Questions for Bible-Thumpers":

If AIDS is God's punishment for sex, why is a little piece of rubber so effective at preventing it? Are all sins absolved when committed in conjunction with rubber, or just those related to sex? Can I, for example, worship graven images so long as they're made out of rubber?

In forty years do you expect your discrimination against gays be more or less embarrassing to your grandchildren than your grandparents' discrimination against blacks is to you? You may, of course, skip this question as irrelevant if you're a racist too.

Of course the whole idea of "sin" (as opposed to actual consequences of actions) is artificial. As Dan Barker points out: it's like cutting you with a knife, then offering you a bandage.




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