Although the vast majority of Americans claim to be theists and believe in a six thousand year old world ruled over by their god, they whine that they are being persecuted by evil heathens.  According to them, evil forces are trying to usurp their rights and destroy their faith. In other words, the body of Christ is being negated.

I hope they are right. There should be a war against ubiquitous delusion. There should be push back when the religious right claims special rights, privileges and authority denied to the rest of us. Now that the Free Thought/Reason movement has the numbers to wage such a war, it would be irresponsible not to. We have the warriors and the weapons.

What do you think?

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Sorry for the typo

You CAN edit that, Allen.  Just go to Options at the top of the post and select: "Edit Post."

   I believe there should be a war but only in the way that my cartoon is showing above. Christians whine because we are not remaining quiet anymore. With nothing new to claim except more apologetics it challenges and upsets them. We should all use our word processors and the Internet and go to war daily. If you cannot openly debate the enemy then use the word to do him in.

Your cartoon doesn't show any war.

Maybe there should be a note in the second drawing saying: "There was a war that was won: We have the freedom to say *NO*"

If there is to be a war, can we please keep it on the "war-of-words" level?  Whether we like it or not, atheists, even if you include the "nones," are in the minority, and a fair number of the plurality of believers are of the right-wing, "from-my-cold-dead-hands" gun-toting variety.  I have thought for a long time that the whole atheist-believer contretemps COULD get ugly, though it hasn't yet, but I for one would just as soon it didn't.  Please keep in mind, however: that does NOT mean I have any intention of soft-pedaling any discussions, debates or arguments I have with theists.

And as it comes to a war of words, that battle has long since been joined, with everyone from the likes of Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Hitchens to people like Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist and Steve Shives and his "An Atheist Reads" series.  Just as Michael Penn pointed out, atheists aren't keeping quiet any more or shutting up when challenged, and I don't see us going back in the closet ever again.

Besides, we have the goods.  They don't.

I completely agree with you.  I'm not talking about a war waged with swords, but one waged with hat pins. The idea is to raise consciousness, not to chop off heads. Christians need to be ouched out of their comfort zones and prodded to take a long hard look at their world views.  We can't do that with a hat pin from a little old lady's hat. We need a pin from a Mexican sombrero.

Christianity is like Jello, an incoherent flavored Jello if you want.You cannot pin that crap down.

Beside some kind of wanna be "well defined", "salvation of the soul" or "salivation for eternal life" given by some kind of Jesus who "died" for "sins", everything is nothing but a religious infighting.

Do you want to be drawn inside this Christian inanity and fight with your little pin? I was drawn in that religious scandal called "Christianity", I was a Christian, I was rightfully angered for years I wasted as Christian, but I went over that, now I am just mocking, satirizing, laughing at Christianity and all other religious ideas. It works: Christians are crying realizing that their god cannot give them peace.

Yes, Christianity really is a hodgepodge of crap that doesn't smell good.
In my opinion, the best way to fight the stench is to push and nudge believers until they fall off their pews. We need them to take a deep breath and wonder what happened to them. As you said, mocking, satirizing and laughing at the untenable doctrines and dogma of religion are powerful weapons.
We need to be in the faces of theists every where they turn.

Their god cannot give them peace simply because no such god exists.

Recently I've finished seeing 52 episode (1/2hr each) by a L.A. University history professor, Eugen Weber. The episodes are titled "The Western Civilization" and E.W tries to show how Christianity has kept civilization of Westerners including, of course, the US. Sure enough, the professor starts underlining the "pure" Christian ideals, but as the episodes continues there's nothing but praising of Christian wars against "barbaric" tribes that tried to endanger "Western Civilization".

However, everything ends with Christian wars against Christians (Catholics against Eastern Orthodox, Catholics against Protestants, and Protestants against Catholics/Eastern Orthodox). Nonetheless, the professor wants to keep the idea that Christianity was and is still something worthy.  Christianity has brought wars, bad politics, ignorance and a never-ending religious quarreling among believers, so one should ask who are those interested is to keep Christianity up?

When Europe has been under totalitarian Christianity for so long, and even here in the US ignorant Americans long for continuation of that totalitarianism, one should wonder what religious organizations are dumbing down those believers. Then you see culprits: religious leaders who influence politicians, politicians who take advantage of deluded into religion Americans, educational system that keeps showing the "advantages" of Christianity and of course those who make billions of dollars in the Christian industry, making money from selling Christianity and not paying taxes.

The ordinary believers are using Christianity as some kind of psychotherapy and getting "satisfactions" in winning Christian debates through a washed up philosophy, actually theology. Yes, those Christians look pathetic and should be felt sorry for, but the real culprits are those in power, who control the religious market. Those are the ones we need to have a "war" with.

Allen, I suggest that such a war has been going on for at least a decade, and we are thus far at least holding our own.  Five of my 7 grandchildren are humanists/atheists; only 2 are being raised by one atheistic parent.  They speak openly of their absence of belief in magic, and find in many circumstances little if any push-back.  Our position is, in some areas and in some situations, almost mainstream! 

If you really think there should be a war, then I know the best weapon with which to fight it.  The Sophists behind religion have been employing an allegoric code for thousands of years and if you crack this code, you will have potentially ten's of thousands of decoded documents that will expose the true nature of religion.  Although, some modern Sophists have expressed the opinion that this code is "Unbreakable", I have cracked enough of it to convince myself that this is not true.  It's primary defense is that people are so used to seeing it, that they cannot recognize it as allegory.  If you are able to recognize the code when you see it, then the sheer volume of material becomes its greatest weakness. 

The allegory covers primarily two subjects; one is a hidden history and the other involves the rules governing the allegory itself.   The history can be rather difficult since literal time and place elements are sacrificed due to allegoric considerations.  This means that it is first necessary to establish a historical context through various clues, before the actual history can be deciphered. 

The true meanings of metaphors are transmitted only orally, but metaphors are openly defined in relation to other metaphors so that the need for memorization (by the Sophists) is greatly reduced.  In the Bible, Proverbs and Song of Solomon are two of the most obvious examples of metaphoric definitions of metaphors.  Other rules governing the allegory are expressed as "laws" and in the writings of Greek philosophers. 

My own efforts have been limited due to a lack of knowledge of Hebrew and Greek.  The fact that nobody seems to take me seriously is also rather discouraging so I lack motivation to continue. 

So, we people were going about our businesses when some religious troglodytes had thrown a "god" rock to hurt people. When people had thrown the rock back, the troglodytes started to cry that they are persecuted and a war is wagged against them.

Pretty much that's the "war" I'm seeing around. If the troglodytes stop throwing their "god" rock then there won't be any war.




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