I don't wish to sound arrogant, rude, ill-mannered, or mean, but I just have to say it.

We atheists, even the most ignorant among us like me, are like cerebral giants amid a world of intellectual pygmies.

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Maybe so, Tony. Keep in mind that the giants in the Earth (according to Finis Dake and some others) were sons of the fallen angels who came to mate with Earth women and that made those "giants of old." Is this really so? According to certain theists this is the fantasy bullshit that keeps the modern god mythos going. It allows theists to believe "pre Adamites" as well as the popular "end times" chaos that even certain politicians lean on. Building on this fake reality as they go, even now the idea of Earth life first coming from Mars is being worked out. Lucifer screwed up Mars. Well, he screwed up Earth too. Poor boy can't get anything right, but we will build more god mythos here. Maybe in the end we can join the Mormons or Hare Kristnas and go live on any planet that we want to.

Just sayin'. It's not that I believe it, but I did study it!

Not just Dake Mike, but also the The book of Enoch, book 1, The Watchers, chapter 6. It tells of 200 angels who descended to earth on to Mount Hermon, and took wives from the children of men. Chapter 7 goes on to tell of how they taught the children of men sorcery, and how the fallen Watchers went in to the women they had taken as wives, making them pregnant. The women gave birth to giants who were three thousand ells (cubits) tall. Some commentators, such as Scofield, held that the sons of God were not Watchers, but were of the Godly line of Seth, Adam's youngest son who was righteous. But I only used Genesis 6:4 for irony, and not equating atheists with the Watchers of Enoch or the angels of Genesis 6:2. No, atheists do not resemble the Nephilim or the sons of God. I just chose to use Genesis 6:4 for the irony of it, as I said.

I've heard of this too. The poor theists cannot agree, but now maybe I know why I have taken a "Watcher" icon emblem. Before I read your post I thought it was because the older I get the more like Darth Vadar I get. At least he could breath in that helmet.

I wonder if the idea that the first people were giants, comes from people's memory of being a little child among adults.  Adults do seem huge to children. 

Booklover, I couldn't have said it better. If I could find that on a poster I'd frame it.

I don't think that all, or even most religious people are necessarily stupid, though religion is a great refuge for the dim and leveler of the bright.  I think that they're mostly afraid; afraid of death, afraid of life (their unconscious impulses), afraid of "the other", afraid of ambiguity and of change (thus the correlation with social conservatism).  And I think that they are often intellectually & morally lazy & dishonest, preferring how something makes them feel over its veracity (hence the popularity of Fox News).  And I know many religious people who are honest, moral and rational within the confines imposed by childhood indoctrination that they are unable or unwilling to escape.


Death is the thing, Ted.
I think that's why some people will never let go of religion. I don't understand why. Dying seems preferable to an eternity of anything to me.
Streets of gold? Boring. Constant worship,? Yawn. I'll take an eternal dirt nap any day.

Ted, your response reminded me a quote by the 19th century British Parliamentarian, John Stuart Mill. I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it. 

The same can be said of the religious.

Pat, I borrow this quote for Facebook, with attribution to you. Thanks! 

My pleasure and you're more than welcome.

But we retain our humility with the realization that the bar is being held pretty low.

Greg, there's a bar???




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