I am writing this as a sort of cathartic endeavor. I'd be interested in what you men and women here on the Nexus feel about this.
Recently I signed up for Facebook and enthusiasticly went about trying to re-connect with long-lost friends/schoolmates. I found a dear friend of mine, contacted her and she accepted my friendship. We made plans via phone to meet each other once I returned to visit my hometown of Brooklyn, NY earlier this month. I guess subsequently she took a look at my profile and noted that I am a self-proclaimed Atheist, Humanist,Naturalist. From here you all can surmise what happened next. She officially unfriended me. I am hurt, but not really surprised. I thought that my stance would not be an issue as I don't really knock anyone for what they choose to believe in.
Fellow A/Ners, have you experienced similar reactions or have you stayed in the proverbial closet out of not wanting to cause distruption in your life? I'm very interested in knowing. How do we become mainstream or close to mainstream, or simply not seen as people more terrible than Freddie Kruger, Ted Bundy, and Predator combined? WWJD if he existed? Lord Krishna hear my plea! LOL, yet bruised.

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Preach Brother...
I've had a couple of similar experiences Kemisi and strangely enough, one was in Brooklyn too. I was born in Manhattan and raised in the Tilden projects in Brooklyn from 1961 to 1978. A couple of years ago I attempted to get reacquainted with a sister that I had gone to school with. Once she found out that I was a non cooperator she "phoned Houston" and aborted the mission! I was hurt but I understand her apprehension, her ignorance and the excellent job that Christianity does in the enslavement of minds.
I have a site all about this sort of thing. May I quote your story?
I am sorry about your friend. Sadly, this isn't unusual.

Not My God
I'm in the same situation, the girls I'm dating all are profound believers who would not date an atheist. So I suppress my true identity to get some loving, but I am dieing to find that girl that connects with me on this level so I can stop hiding....
I have been an atheist since 1992 and I have yet to really come out to any of my family. All of my friends know and I have lost a couple of them because of it. During family prayers I just pretend to pray with them and avoid all discussions about religion. So far my silence has made it possible for me to get by and I will not lie if asked what I believe so it's only a matter of time. My wife, who is catholic knows but she doesn't care or even bring it up. She loves me for me. Sooner or later a person or group of people will come along in your life who will understand you and accept you. Hang in there.
How awful is it that as a black woman I am expected to be a Tyler Perry loving, neck rolling, gum popping "diva" who lives by a book of fiction? I'm stuck with this every day and I have lost loves, family and friends because I choose to no longer buy into the fiction. A so-called friend of mine's first reaction when I came out to him was, "Do you worship the devil?" Dumbass, Atheist means I believe NEITHER exist. Your real friends are the ones that know your beliefs but choose to like or dislike you based solely on your character.

The irony is: My brother is studying to be a preacher, lol!!!


I agree, but Oprah doesn't.
Tyler Perry must be stopped. Maybe Aaron McGruder will have an impact. No, this is a dumbass nation.
I'm glad we have so much agreement on the the 21st century Step 'n Fetchit, buffoonery that is Tyler Perry. I volunteer to go on the suicide mission to stop him- just remember me when I'm gone. LOL.

I am not a fan of his work at all.

Beg to differ on the suicide part, he just needs his @$$ whooped!
No need to "beg to differ" about a joke.




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