I am writing this as a sort of cathartic endeavor. I'd be interested in what you men and women here on the Nexus feel about this.
Recently I signed up for Facebook and enthusiasticly went about trying to re-connect with long-lost friends/schoolmates. I found a dear friend of mine, contacted her and she accepted my friendship. We made plans via phone to meet each other once I returned to visit my hometown of Brooklyn, NY earlier this month. I guess subsequently she took a look at my profile and noted that I am a self-proclaimed Atheist, Humanist,Naturalist. From here you all can surmise what happened next. She officially unfriended me. I am hurt, but not really surprised. I thought that my stance would not be an issue as I don't really knock anyone for what they choose to believe in.
Fellow A/Ners, have you experienced similar reactions or have you stayed in the proverbial closet out of not wanting to cause distruption in your life? I'm very interested in knowing. How do we become mainstream or close to mainstream, or simply not seen as people more terrible than Freddie Kruger, Ted Bundy, and Predator combined? WWJD if he existed? Lord Krishna hear my plea! LOL, yet bruised.

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Wow, it's always worse than I think it is. Personally, I think being left alone is more important than "coming out". Even better, removing oneself from the site of irritants. Not everyone has that option, though. DO you have prospects for leaving the South, or at least Mississippi?
Well you are certainly welcome to come and live near me in the Bay Area. I'd love to have you here!
I understand you Aly. Happiness is very important- especially to the atheist, because we realize that this is all we will ever have. Hang in there.

It is a balancing act. Some people have the personality type where they are who they are and don't give a damn who thinks what. Not everyone is like that. So you balance how much you share and with who you share it with. My family knows. But I really am only close with my mom and one of my sisters, so I don't care with the others think because they aren't a part of my life. My mom is just an accepting person. No one at work knows. But I'm also a private person and most people at work don't know much about me. My closest friends know - even the xtian ones and they accept me. I just won't have a close friend that doesn't accept me. My casual friends that I hang out with in groups - well, they suspect, but I've never said and they've never asked. My own personal "don't ask don't tell" situation! So, you are the one who has to live with your choices. So it's your call on who you tell! I'm glad you are finding other support where you can. It just seems like it's a natural human need to group with others who are like minded. And there's nothing wrong with that.

For me its been a pretty painfull process. Not because of the isolation because I have always been totally ok going solo. But because of the realization of just how lost black people are because of religion. It's sad and angering. Helping them seems useless because of the deep sleep every body is in. Religion is so tightly woven into Racism. I mean, its one in the same. U cant discuss one without the other. I'm beginning to be frustrated a lot and overwhelmed because it looks hopeless. I'm beginning to realize that being around these people are hazardous to my mental health. LOL. So, I agree that ur better off without them.  

 On my facebook page, I put free-thinker and I havent really had any issue with anyone kicking me off their site. On the other hand I have started kicking their religious asses off my site. I didn't really lose friends but I feel that I lost a lot of precious time. That's gonna change this year.

My facebook info lists "none" for religion. However I have an atheist group on my profile. It's always a risk to let people know where you stand on religious issues. Of course having any religion is always seen as better than those with no religion. Through much patience and edication, I believe that this form of ignorance and prejudice will case away as well.
I haven't had that experience with people I have know for years.  But, I have been verbally attacked on several occassions by christian folks who love me.    You should have inboxed her and asked "what would jesus do?"  What she did was not Christ like.  According to be Bible she follows, Jesus befriended the sinner.  I hit christian folks with that all the time "that's awfully christ like, what would Jesus do?"  They look at me all stupid then and begin to back down.

It tends to come with the territory. All of the people who I've reconnected with just think of me as one big prayer request. And that's okay,it makes them feel better(and doesn't affect me in the least). The most hurtful situation had to have been a best "friend" informing me that by believing in evolution I have aligned myself with Satan and am going to spend an eternity in hell.


This has played out with my grandmother also. Do not get me started on that...But I think all we can do is continue to educate and just be kind and so on. That's the only thing I can come up with aside from asking them to do a red letter day for one week and just see what happens....

When, I believed there was a place called Hell.  That bothered me, lmbao.  Hell, I doubt very seriously there is some spot called Hell.  If so, I wouldn't be there. 


One of my BFF's is a minister.  She was on my fb praying for folks, lmbao.  She told one of my friends she was gonna pray that she be covered with the blood of Jesus.  My friend said, please don't...that blood thing is kinda creepy. hahahahhahaha and when u think about it, it is.  I cannot believe I used to say things like that.

Yeah. Doesn't it make you feel like for that period of time in your life, your brain was taken over by some type of alien or something like that? I guess the closest term I can come up for it is possession(something I've been accused of also...). Either way, it feels better not having to really sit there and lie so much.
Wow that is exactly how I feel, like I didnt have the same brain.




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