There's Something about Palin. Confessions of a Saraholic.

I admit it, I'm addicted. Not that it's healthy, and I'm very ashamed. Every time I turn on my Laptop, there she is, smiling that vacuous smile, eyes gazing at Yawheh somewhere in the clouds. Possibly with her pager on "hum", kept in a very, very private place.

I can't get enough of her. I get off on my revulsion. She embodies all that I deplore - numbskull comments, cutesy folksy You Betcha's, shallow understanding of virtually everything, confident self-rightous mendacity, christian narcissism and "just-so-story" religiosity, and leading a mindless cult of celebrity. Even so, when she's on the web news, there I click. I can't help myself. I do it over and over.

It's not just me. The press and Palin have a mutually supportive "best frienemy" relationship. Whenever Palin opens her mouth, the press laps it up like my dogs lap up spilled catfood. Then the press catches her in a Palinism, distortion of facts or outright lie, scapegoating or passing blame to someone like a hot potato; the press reports it, gets attention, gives her more attention, she decries the press, the press reports her decrying the press, the articles have more readers (like me), and her followers shower her with more money. Some call this "Sarah Palin-media co-dependency" But really, they're Saraholics. Like me.

For some reason, I look right past the tabloids when they promote Oprah's latest disaster, Angelina's anorexia, Brad's putative return to Jen, Obama's gay lover, Jon minus Kate and the fate of their eight, and the heartbreak of (you name the aging celeb)'s decline and certain death. But Sarah... oh Sarah.

I feel so dirty.

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My daughter (14) says similar things about the "Twilight" movies (and books).

I think it is because she is like a perfect archetype of the weasel neo-cons laid bare (now calm down), stripped (stop me) of all the trappings of slickness and tongues made silver by sterling natal spoons ...

There are two really scary things to me about her. First, despite the fact that she lacks the credibility provided by an education, she is still looked to for leadership by so many. Second, despite the fact that to me (I lived in the Northwest for 13 years) she is a prime example of a fringe dwelling flake - so many people think she is down to earth.

I think it is like watching a psychological horror film. We look at it through the gap between the fingers of the hand we hold over our face. There is something tragically sexy about the angel of death. Surely, her stepsister ignorance has a certain appeal as well...

OMG - she is staring at me right now from a skyscraper ad to the right of this post! The Horror! The Horror!




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