These Boobs Haven't a Clue About All the Crazy as Batshit Stuff That's in Their Holey Books

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A religious 'out' here, is that these flesh cuttings, (by tattooist needles), and the markings, are for Jesus, and to Christians, Jesus is alive not dead.

I know.  I live in South Texas and about half the population is named Jesus.

Lol. You sir, just made me laugh about as hard as I could with that remark. Thanks!

You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
-- Leviticus 19:28

In view of the graphic above, do I REALLY have to comment on this one?

Why does he have to keep reminding us that he is "the Lord"?  Seems to me he must have been addressing this to an agnostic.

Insecurity issues - obviously!

The "atheist-thing" includes speaking truth, especially as it comes to deities who act like spoiled brats, which Yahweh does and more often than I care to think.

Next time you talk to her, use our bud the Skeptic's Annotated Bible and quote her chapter and verse (literally!) and see what she thinks of THEM apples!

Loren, I do not have to tell YOU that recent surveys show that atheists know more about the Booble than the average Judeo-Christian.  (Well, presumably, Jews know the Torah fairly well, but what do they do, they ignore the inconsistences and so forth.)  If they know little about their holy books, why do they keep believing in its god?  If they knew that their books proscribe same-sex relationships but condone father-daughter incest (as in the story of Lot), why do they believe in such a capricious, arbitrary deity?  If they knew that the deity proscribes the eating of pork and shellfish, why do they eat these things weekly or even now and then?  There is just no explaining these people, and I, for one, tire of beating my head against the wall when confronting the truth that an overwhelming number of citizens follow the delusion?  (At least they are not beating their heads against the wailing wall, but it is a terrifying proposition that two of the the three monotheisms would be willing to destroy not only the structure but the world itself in bickering about who should own and occupy the Dome of the Rock.)  As Crowley said, There is no god but Man.  BTW, Loren, thanks for the link to the Annotated Bible.  I knew such a site existed, but I did not have the url.

Yay.  Or, oy vay?

But since they've committed these sins unknowingly, they could offer a bull to the Lord at the temple and their sins will be forgiven.


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