Do those who heard threats of fire and brimstone, from atheists such as we here to the religious lunatics who make so much noise in the media:

  • Re-experience those threats, perhaps in dreams or nightmares?
  • Avoid people or places associated with those threats?
  • Feel detached from others and emotionally numb?
  • Feel hyper-alert or have difficulty sleeping?

From the most serious to the least serious, those are the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, according to the Dictionary of Psychology in my local library. Upon request I will make publisher info available.

After twenty two years of Catholicism, including twelve in its schools, trauma made quitting possible.

After puberty, its demands that I not use birth control caused me one nightmare. I awoke frightened.

Since I quit, I avoid observant Catholics and news reports about them (even Frankie). I also avoid places where I'm likely to meet observant Catholics.

I doubt the objectivity of Catholic speakers on any subject.

But I sleep very well.

What say you?

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Religious leaders who demand obedience to dogma, regardless of effects in peoples' lives, are detached from others and emotionally numb. Catholicism has many such people.

Religious "lunatics"--whether they preach on the streets, in the media, or in public office--provide ample evidence that they are detached from others and emotionally numb.

I escaped such indoctrination, as my parents moved to a farm and stopped going to church while I was young. Though I have friends who were so indoctrinated and one fell pregnant after she was seduced or raped, she wouldn't say, since she was of the indoctrinated type that blame themselves for such things, and fell pregnant, through the fear of facing her parents, she committed suicide.

I've always held her parent's staunch bigotry and allowing such harsh indoctrination for her death.

Though, most of all, I hold the Catholic church to blame, but that is not the only crime the church has committed.

An elderly lady who had lost her husband and had no family in Australia, wanted to return to England to be with her only sister.

But, stupidly she had bequeathed the church her farm on the edge of town, which became prime property in her will, which the church had witnessed.

So they would not let her sell her land to go back to England, instead of helping her, they had her committed as incapable of managing her affairs and appointed one of their priests as her executer.

Yet, I met her often and she was very sharp and capable of doing anything she wanted.

But, the church grabbed all her land and my hatred for the church grew exponentially.

There is nothing at all good about the Catholic church.

It should be destroyed in my opinion.


I grew up Catholic and had to go through the whole indoctrination mill: 12½ years of Catholic schools. The Church is, in my honest opinion, the most politically and morally corrupt institution on the planet.

I went to a talk by Dr. Valerie Tarico about the harm religion does to you mentally, specifically christian views. It was quite interesting and I actually got to talk to her a bit. We heard stories of other people, one lady has trouble driving on the highway because even as an atheist, she still has that fear in the back of her mind of death and hell. 

I agree with you Tom, and I escaped the lunacy myself. I sleep much better and have no religious leftovers today except for disdiain and disgust of the entire subject. It has led me to not be able to discuss religion with a believer. The cognitive dissonance and make believe fairy tales are too much to handle and still keep a straight face.

I'm aware that many have fears of fire and hell long after they leave religion. I have none, but religion ate away at me until I became atheist. Suddenly I was free.

Part of this is because I had studied the bible extensively. I would advise anyone who has religious issues to look at this book closely. Where did it come from, how was it put together, who decided what books were included and why, what happened to all the other books, and why would anyone go to this trouble over 300 years after the fact? Without the bible there is no proof of anything and the bible is not proof. Once you understand this the entire myth falls apart. Christians look at it like "god was using Constantine." The truth is more like Constantine was using this new relgion for his own ends and to please his mother.

Some people pretend to understand why I don't believe any of it today, and how the bible is a house of cards, but they still say "yes, but there could still be a god." OK, and there could be a baboon up my ass also but it's not very likely.

The social club of religion can cause great stress often lasting a lifetime.




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